French Side

DSC0016-300x201Bay Long – A long beach with the expensive La Samanna complex at one end (the white building at the far end of the beach) and limited access in the center to a rather rocky beach. Other than La Samanna, which will not let you in, there is no service on the entire beach.

Plum Bay (prunes in French) – A pretty beach, but rocky and a bit rough. Great sunsets because it faces west. No facilities at all.

Bay Rouge – Bay Rouge is named for the pinkish cast of its sand. It’s a pretty beach with the Falaise des Ouiseaux (Bird Cliffs) to the west and David’s Grotto on the east. The photo on the left looks along the beach from the entrance next to the two beach bars over to the start of the cliffs. The other photo shows the rocks that grand-case-bay-300x225start the formation that encloses the grotto. Below are photos from Feb 2006. It’s still there and so are Gus’s and Raymond’s beach bars. Baie Rouge overlooks one of our favorite dive sites La Rennee, a deep but awesome shipwreck.

Nettle Bay – Largely blocked off by hotels, but Ma Ti Beach Bar on the west and Layla’s on the east provide parking, access, chairs, etc. This is the beach at Layla’s.

Friar’s Bay – A small, rather pretty and very protected cove with two beach bars (Kali’s Beach Bar and Friar’s Bay Beach Bar) providing all the amenities, but a tough road.

Happy Bay – A short walk up and over a hill at the northern end of Friar’s Bay brings you to Happy Bay, a very secluded beach with few amenities (Danny provides DSC0019-300x201chairs, food, and drink). Some people have been spotted working on their all-over sun tans so if you can tolerate some nudity this is an beautiful beach. This beach is very close to another dive site favorite – Turtle Reef so watch out in the bay as the odd Turtle will pop up for air now and again.

Grand Case Beach – Parking is easy and if you are diving with us just leave your car on our property but be sure to move it before 6pm and please let us know.  There are great sunsets. Grand Case Beach Club is located here but both beaches are Public. The sand does shift from Month to Month but this is just a beautiful and tranquil place to be. Bars like Calmos Cafe, Love and the Rainbow Cafe have now opened offering great food and a gorgeous view. The highlight of Grand Case has to be the outdoor barbacue or the Lolo’s make sure you eat at Sky’s the limit where Emile and Jaqueline will cater to your every need!
Make sure at night you check out Piazza Pascal. Pascal and Donna are an awesome team and Pascal’s cooking is to die for – check them out on our restaurant page.

Anse Marcel – The Radisson controls access to the beach so you have to park outside their grounds and walk in to the beach. Once you are there, you will find that the beach faces north and is hemmed in by high hills on the remaining three sides. It is calm and there are amenities. It can be a pain to get too and a little pricey especially buying drinks at the Radisson. Euro is the firm favorite here, where in Grand Case the Dollar tends to be the preffered Currency at most bars.

Ilet Pinel – This uninhabited island has some facilities during the day and is a great spot for snorkel trips and picnics. It’s a short ride in a beach taxi from Cul de Sac or a bit longer from Orient Beach. If you book a Full Day private charter with us we will throw anchor on the beach and eat at our favorite Pinel Island restaurant Karibuni. Be sure to try the smoked fish salad. Chris always says “This feels like Thailand”. The Island is truly a piece of Paradise. Make sure you take your snorkel gear or rent some from us and snorkel around the back of the Island, just be aware of waves and current.

Orient Beach – Despite being on the windward eastern coast, this is one of the gentlest of beaches because of the protection afforded by the reef running from Green Cay to Pinel. The southern end is clothing-optional. There is a reef running southeast from the start of the nude section that is home to many fish. If you need a book to help identify the fish, check out our Reef Pocket books available in our store in the Boulevard de Grand Case.

Galion Beach – It’s a large extremely calm eastern-facing beach past the Butterfly Farm. Tropical Wave has chairs, umbrellas, food, drink, outdoor equipment, and St Barts in the distance. This is a great place for windsurfing. The bay is protected and calm, but there are good breezes. Ask the Owner Pat about his sailing and Scuba Diving experiences.

Oyster Pond – Not much beach here, but it is very safe and beautiful harbor ringed with hills. Well worth the trip over the steep hill (if you approach from the south), especially for this view from the hill. Heading north to Orient Beach is a short and beautiful drive along the shore.

Secret Beaches – Octopus Diving is always seeking out new dive sites as many of our regular customers know. We also know of a few secluded beaches that are hidden out of the way. Two are only accessible by boat and one is only accessible on foot.  For more information please Contact Us and we can help!  We don’t want the world to know of our Caribbean secrets!!!