Advanced Nitrox course at La Renee

08 Jan

I’m sitting here with Giedre (or Gago as we call her). Gago is from Lithuania and she loves to dive and she also loves St. Martin. She has only been here a couple of months, but is helping out in the shop when we are busy and she is all about learning everything to do with diving. Anyway… as I wrote the title to the Blog she said “What is the difference between Advanced Nitrox and Nitrox course?” So, I suppose you may also have the same question.
Advanced Nitrox is technical diving. It is a super cool way to dive, basically. It is stealth, it is with three tanks, and involves something called accelerated deco. Alright, alright, I’m sure that Chris would do a better explanation, so really, if you would like to know more about Advanced Nitrox, just click on the link above and there is a whole, beautiful, description,
So… Menno, (who we nicknamed “nemo”) was finishing up his Advanced Nitrox course with Chris and the rest of us, decided to tag along. The conditions were perfect, almost endless visibility, calm and peaceful. I took my camera in anticipation of some fun dives and great vis, and you can see all my photos below. Menno did a great job with his shutdown procedures and bouyancy, and simulated deco stops, and all in all just looked like a pro. Of course he had the best teacher ever… Chris, but I also believe that Menno had some natural ability as well!
You will also see pictures of Mike and Michelle (and Menno’s dad who works on the island, he is the one all in blue). Mike and Michelle are our divemaster interns, and they are really becoming true dive masters. But more on that in a later post! Michelle is the blond and Mike is the one messing around!
I won’t write too much right now, as I know you must all be on blog overload, what with 4 blogs in 4 days, but I wanted to show you the photos that I took before I forget.

Also, I would like to tell you that I have an awesome dive this morning, at Circus with some students from the American University of the Caribbean (located in St. Martin) and we saw a dolphin. You don’t have to get too jealous though, as it was only briefly and only one. It was still pretty freakin cool though!

I am actually running off to clean the car, which I haven’t done in a really long time, and it isn’t fair that Chris cleans the car all the time, so I will take the opportunity to clean it before the sun goes down. Then I may have a beer and watch the sunset after having a little swim with Lil’ Rog. It is a hard life, I know. Diving with dolphins and then swimming with lil’ Rog. You will have to come and visit to experience it!

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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