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25 Feb

Well, it was my birthday yesterday! I have officially entered my 32nd year of existence, (that means I’m 31 years old). I decided not to do anything really special this year for my birthday. Last year, as some of you may remember from my blog about my 30th birthday, my uncle’s came down, my cousins, my parents and we had a great day together. However, 31 doesn’t have the same ring as 30. Somehow, it doesn’t seem as exciting or as daunting either. So, Chris and I celebrated low key.

First of all, we took the day off together. This is why I didn’t respond to any emails yesterday, so sorry about that, but I think I have caught up by now. In the morning we went to the studio of Island92 and Chris, lil’ Rog and I co-hosted the radio show with our good friend Soc from 10 – 11 AM. He told everyone I was 22… 🙂

Island92 is the local radio station on Saint Martin 91.9 FM, and I’m not talking about “coconut radio”. (For those of you that don’t know, “coconut radio” is a radio station transmitting from the palm trees in Grand Case. For example, you meet someone and they say something totally outrageous about your business or about someone else’s business, and you say “where on earth did you hear that?” The logical response is “coconut radio.” It the gossip channel!

So, island92 is a great radio station and it is hosted by our good friend Jeffrey Sochrin (aka Soc). I have blogged about him before when we went to dinner with him at Piazza Pascal. Anyway… Soc found out it was my birthday and asked me to come into the station and help him co-host, so I did. It is great to get air time for Octopus Diving, and it is also just a lot of fun to see Soc.

Then Chris and I went for a late breakfast and then we took lil’ Rog for a walk out at Guana Bay. It was beautiful. Saint Martin has some really nice places to walk, if you are into hiking at all, and it reminded me of the days when Chris and I were first together and we used to take long walks along the British coast line. Except it was warm, and we were looking at the blue Caribbean Sea not the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, there were lots of Cacti and some goats running around, instead of gorse and shetland ponies. But you know what I mean, right? Walking and talking and just appreciating the day. We don’t normally go to Guana Bay, it is near Phillipsburg and on the totally opposite side of the island to Grand Case. Looking out at sea though, we got some great ideas of new dive sites… so hopefully we will do some exploration diving there soon.

After this we came back to Grand Case, some friends made an impromptu visit and we went to Calmos for some drinks. Watched the sunset and then Chris and I went to have dinner at Mario’s Bistro, it was yummy.

All in all it was a fantastic day, and I wasn’t at all jealous that I wasn’t diving that morning. (Well, that is a lie actually because just on the day that is my birthday so I’m not out diving, they swim with 12 dolphins at Chris’ Reef! Michelle even got photos of them, and they are really great.) Here is one that I stole from Michelle’s Facebook page, but I will put all her photos up soon.

Aren’t her photos great? Michelle is officially running Octopics now, which means that she is available to take your photos underwater! I need to put a special page on the website for her so that she can upload her daily photos, you can also see them on Facebook too.

Anyway… so I was a little jealous that I didn’t get to see the dolphins, and also that I didn’t get to see the dolphins with my camera… but I still had a great birthday!

(a 31 year old Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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