Back in St. Martin

16 Nov

Well, as you may have realized, I didn’t accomplish my intention of blogging every day in order to keep you all updated on what we are doing. Well, something happened… I forgot all about you! No offense intended, it is just that the first week we were away we were still getting out of work mode, and then the next week we were having so much fun in San Francisco, and then when we came back to NY to stay with my family, I stopped thinking about Octopus Diving for a bit. Not completely, but I did a little bit. Please don’t be mad… or think that I don’t care…

It’s just that taking a break, looking at things from a different perspective is really important for us.  Sometimes it is necessary to forget about you (just for a little bit) to rejuvenate ourselves and come back to St. Martin totally fresh for a new season.

So, that is where we are right now: geared up, energetic, looking forward, excited and full of new improvements for the upcoming season!!

First of all we are excited to be offering nitrox this season. Chris has set up the greatest system for filling tanks and making oxygen enriched air. He really never ceases to impress me.  I think that our compressor has a nicer space then some of the apartments I have seen in NYC this week! So, we are offering nitrox to those that are certified and even if you aren’t certified, ask us about getting certified for nitrox, or doing a nitrox try dive.

Next, we have a new addition to the Octopus Diving Team… she is called Laura. Laura is from England and has been working as an instructor in Little Cayman for the last 2 years, I believe. Funnily enough, Laura and I both studied at the same university in England, the University of Plymouth. We both studied marine science there, although we met for the first time in St. Martin. So, it really just goes to show that it is a small small world! I will blog more about Laura once I get some real dirt on her!!!

We are starting to do Tec Courses as well, including Advanced Nitrox with IANTD and also try dives and certification courses with the Poseidon Mk6 Closed Circuit Rebreather.

Also, something totally new is that we will now be leaving for diving just down the road from the diving center.  As all of you that have been diving with us before know, normally we meet at the diving shop and then walk to the water via a little alley way and then get on the boat.  Well, although we loved being close to our guests, sometimes we just didn’t have enough room! Especially with hanging up equipment and everything, so we now have a much better system.  We are leaving for the diving trips just down the road at 3 Rue Petite Plage. It is only about 300 feet away, but there is loads more room to relax, to get sized up for equipment, to hang out equipment, to hang out and it is a more beautiful setting, and also you can play with Lil’ Rog while you wait to go out for the trip (that is the best bit)! Here is a little map that shows you were to go…

If you are booked with us to go diving already, then I will send you an email to show you where to meet, and don’t worry, if you come to the dive shop I can easily direct you to where you need to go to get the boat.

There is lots more that I can’t think of at the moment… like the fact that my photos are going to be in Ocean Magazine again, or that we have two new Divemaster interns, or that Lil’ Rog isn’t so little anymore, but I will write more about those later.

So, here I am, back in St. Martin all ready to go out diving, just waiting till I get all my affairs in order. I was a little sad to leave my family in NY, and also all the stresses that go along with running and owning a diving center (it can’t be fun all the time… or wait, maybe it can!). However, once I stepped off of the airplane and saw the free rum punch at the passport check in the airport, I was feeling much better. Then, once I arrived at the house and looked out at the beautiful sea, I felt even better. Then, once I saw Stuart and Lil’ Rog and new that I was finally home, I forgot all about being sad about leaving NY.

I will try and get out as soon as possible to take some underwater photos for all of you! I will also try and discover some dirt on Laura so that I can blog about her… all I have at the moment is that she brings a packed lunch every day and goes to the gym to exercise. Yikes!

So, from a really happy-to-be-back-in-St.-Martin-Sally, bring on season 2010/2011!

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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