19 Jan

I know, I know… I haven’t been blogging that much lately. The thing is, I feel obligated to write about scuba diving (seeing as this is a blog for a scuba diving center that I own) and to be honest, I haven’t been diving that much lately. I recently taught an underwater photography course (which was great) but that is it. Why? Why am I not doing the one thing that I love to do more than anything else? Because I found something that I love even more… being a mom.

It isn’t that I am not scuba diving because I would rather be with Keiran, no, it isn’t that. It is just that I don’t have time and I haven’t yet obtained that mystical state of being that takes many parents years to achieve and that so many people take for granted: balance.

Business and Family. Family and Business.

You see, there is so much more to running Octopus Diving than just going out diving. All the behind scene activities that Chris and I do to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as it does are extremely time consuming.

So, I thought I would blog about a typical morning in the life of Sally Davies.

My daily alarm clock of a distant cry and whimper goes off at about 6:30 AM (if I’m lucky, 6 AM if I’m not). The snooze button doesn’t work too well, however with a little cuddle I may squeeze out 10 – 15 extra minutes of well needed slumber. Then the morning begins; diaper change, getting dressed (for me not Keiran, he doesn’t really wear clothes at the moment, especially not before breakfast!) brush the teeth (if I remember), coffee, quick email check to see if there is anything urgent. Then, K and I go outside together to make sure that everything is okay for the morning dive trip. Sometimes I just put him in the swing and this means I can run around and help get the morning trip ready. Divers start arriving at around 7:30 – 7:45 and Keiran charms them with his little swagger.

After we get to know them a little bit, we wave good bye to the boat and then go inside for breakfast. Breakfast starts with blue berries and then moves on to porridge. Keiran is a very independent little boy, so he feeds himself and this gives me a chance to do some emails. We like to sit outside on the back porch for this. During breakfast Keiran likes to create this kind of pasty, purple cement with the blue berries and the porridge, and smear it all over his face, chest and arms, so after breakfast is the perfect time for a swim in the beautiful Caribbean water at the bottom of the garden.

By now, it is about 9 AM, so we rinse off, come inside for a little play with dad, and then by 9:30 AM it is time for a nap (if I’m lucky). This is when I get time to really get some work done. Emails first, then whatever is on my ever increasing list of things to do; accounts, process certifications, taxes, advertising, inventory, payroll, website, pay bills, newsletter, etc. It is never ending and I feel like I am always playing catch up.

K normally wakes up in an hour and a bit, then we’re lucky I can leave him with Chris (if Chris has time, which isn’t always the case. He has a million things to do himself) so I can finish what I am working on. Then it’s play time for K while I try and accomplish more emails and take phone calls for reservations. By now it is time to go back outside to see how the divers are doing from the morning trip. K comes with and swaggers around in his diaper, (he probably hasn’t gotten dressed yet. I mean, what is the point, really?)

After helping get the operation ready for the afternoon trip, it at least noon, and noon means lunch time! More food on the floor. Now on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays Josette comes to help out from 12 to 4. She helps with K and gives me a chance to get some more work done.

So, typical morning and not so much time for blogging, but I promise to be better!

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