Beach Clean Up!

24 Aug

Well, the beach clean up went really well yesterday! Stuart, Mark, Jen, Chris and I were the in-water team, and then there were about 30 people collecting garbage on the beach. Collected were 75 bags of plastic bottles, 20 bags of glass and about 30 bags of mixed garbage.

We took about 10 bags of trash out of the water, and to be honest, we ran out of time and weren’t able to do the entire beach.

In the water we were finding tons of stuff. Plastic bags were the biggest culprit, but we also found lots of plastic bottles, beer bottles as well as fishing and boat remains. The weirdest thing that I found was a whole table, and the grossest thing that I found was a used diaper (gross!!!!).

It was a really fun day though, and I have to say the highlight was seeing the beach after everyone was finished. Obviously we weren’t able to fully appreciate the efforts that we put forth underwater, but topside, the beach looked great! Also, as littered as the water was, we saw loads of fun critters down there. Jen found a juvenile burr fish, we also found tons of little crabs, but also some baby drum fish and some larger sand divers too! Some of the garbage we ended up leaving in the bay, for example there was this old decrepit hat which a sea anemone had made it’s home. Or all the tons of tires in the bay providing shelter for juvenile fish and crabs.

We should have taken more photos, but we were busy, so here are a couple that were taken.
First there is Stu right before we left. He is looking glorious at 7 AM on his day off about to do good works! This is his “get that camera out of my face look.”

Here is a picture of the beach when we first arrived.

Chris on the boat.
Our divemaster interns (and good friends) Mark and Jen all ready to go!!

A couple pictures of the beach, and Stu and I dragging those heavy, smelly, yucky bags to the waste disposal area…

Here a picture of me with some found plastic bags, and as you can tell by my face, I’m not too impressed!
And here is me again, struggling with scuba kit and some kind of door?

Then, at the end of the morning (and I feel like things like this only happen in Saint Martin) they gave everyone a couple of beers to say thank you. Even though it was 11:30 AM, we all had a couple.

Alright, time to go home now… next time you are on a beach, any beach, or anywhere for that matter, make sure you use a garbage!
(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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