Blogger Guilt

25 Jun

Well, I just saw Ronnie, who was diving with us a few months ago, and he said “you’ve been getting really slack with your blogging lately.”  So, I feel kind of guilty about it.  Ronnie son, Ryan, is doing his open water course with us at the moment.  Or should I say he is flying through his open water course with us, as he is basically a fish already!

So, here I am, blogging.  Sorry Ronnie, sorry everyone.  I know, I know.

Well, I really wanted to blog about the reason that I haven’t been blogging, which is the fact that we had so many divers with us recently.  There are a couple of groups that I would like to specifically talk about.

Firstly, there was Greg and La Deanna.  Some of our first ever customers back in 2008 when we had just opened the shop, diving with Greg and La Deanna is more like diving with friends than clients.  We had such a great week with them last time, that they came back this year with three other divers as well.  When Greg and La Deanna dive, they DIVE!  There is no messing around!  Four hours in the water every day, and sometimes 5 if we do a night dive.  It carries on like this for as long as they are here, and that means 5 – 6 days of diving with friends. Here is a photo of the lovely couple, below…

When Greg and La Deanna were first here, we would just go out all day, two dives in the morning, then we would stop off at a beach where they would eat their pre-packed lunches and then 2 dives in the afternoon.  It was so great.  We had this one day at Tintamarre where we covered ourselves in mud, I will never forget it.

So, this year, Greg brought down three other divers… Matt, Mike and Nathan.  All from Oklahoma, it was a superb group, and even though Greg keeps insisting that they were a bother, THEY WERE NOT, NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST! We had such a great week with them, and also a lovely dinner.  Thanks so much and we would love to see you again soon!  The dives we had were awesome, especially the day I was out all day with you on the Proselyte, the Teigland, the Bridge and the Gregory. Loads of life, a real live shark feed (totally natural) and a sleeping reef shark…. awesome.

So, then there was the Mark and Erica DeBarr group.  Mark and Erica, and their two friends, Jamie and Jason, came out diving with us and also completed their advanced open water certification.  Mark is studying law at the moment (if I remember correctly) and in consequence has lots of time to procrastinate and “stalk” people online (the words of his wife, not me!) I’m pretty confident that he is reading this right now, and I want you to know that we don’t consider this stalking at all. It is okay, don’t feel bad.  I post this stuff on line, so none of it is really private… Also, with the new closed circuit cameras I have installed since your visit here, I feel a lot safer!

Congrats Erica, Mark, Jason and Jamies on your Advanced Open Water certifications.

Mark probably isn’t so happy that I posted the classic student photo of him on the blog (he is the second photo above), but we are proud of our smiling students 🙂

We also were diving recently with two notable couples, John and Michelle from Arizona and also Jason and Jen from South Dakota.  Although I think that Jason and Jen may be the reason that a couple of our divemasters were so tired in the morning, Jen, Jason and some drinks at Calmos may be to blame.  John and Michelle were lovely people, and we do hope that everyone comes back soon.

So, there is my blog about just a few of the awesome people we were diving with.  I also want to blog about the night dive we have and our new Night Diver Specialists!  I want to blog about how much Roger is growing…. I want to blog about the photos that I submitted for this years magazine… and lots others.  I am sorry to my devoted readers however, that I haven’t been updating you on the exciting news in Saint Martin.

I will, however, try my hardest to blog more recently than I have been.

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

2 Responses to “Blogger Guilt”

  1. Greg Roberts June 25, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    Hey guys, WOW, we feel like celebrities now, WE MADE THE BLOG ! You mean not everyone dives like that all week ? I didn’t realize ! We really do look forward to our week with you. I can’t wait to keep up with the updates, changes, and everything going on there. I can’t wait to see Chris’ airfill system in place and working . La Deana and I were talking and we think we have just about decided to stop going other places and just alternate between you and Curacao each year.
    Thanks again for the great week and scratch Roger for me !

    • admin June 27, 2010 at 6:45 pm #

      That is so great to hear! We can’t wait to see you 2 years from now… by the way, Chris wanted me to tell you that he found the Speed 2 wreck. I will put some photos up soon. Take care, and I will give Roger a scratch from you. I think he is missing his lunchtime visits…

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