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Sundays in St Martin | What to do

07 Sep

Well, it is about 6:30 AM on a Sunday. Of course, we are up already. There are no divers this morning and normally (when I say “normally” what I really mean is before we had a baby) I would still be in blissful slumber dreaming about all the wonderful things that happened this week… Instead, […]

New Site

03 Jun

Well,  the new site is finally live. It was a stressful operation, I must admit. The actual site was completed awhile ago, we used an outside expert from Soul Team Travel and Marketing to work with us, most specifically David Basiov. Although he put the site together for us, there was still a lot of […]

St Martin | Diving with Fresh Eyes

14 May

You know, there should be some kind of invention that allows for “thought-to-text” while scuba diving. I swear, I write the best blogs ever when I am under the water. Heck, I write New York Times Best Sellers and Pulitzer prize novels down there! Then, back on dry land when the fingers are on the […]