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22 Sep

Hey everybody,

This is Chris just to give you an update on what’s been happening in the world of Octopus Diving.

Last week Sally, myself and Christian spent 4 days on Saba with we had an awsome time and are now setting up trips to St.Martin and Saba.
Scouts place is beautiful and the diving is totally different than St.Martin – I wouldn’t say better – just very different. We saw a Hammerhead Shark, loads of turtles, Nudibranchs and lots of fish, great dives especially Shark Shoal where we did our un-guided dive, discovered and entered a cave system at 52 metres or 170 feet – really cool but lots of Deco – very naughty……!

This week I am in Miami training to become a certified Mercury Technician which will save us down time on the boats next season and of course save alot of money… its very simple stuff, just basic mechanical skills and some PLC programming.

Sally is still in St.Martin and Christian has flown to France to see his Parents. Sally is working really hard, painting the shop, sealing the decking outside and preparing for Snuba.

Snuba is all set to go live on November 1st 2009 and everything is in place for it to start as scheduled – can’t wait !
We are starting really easy and working out of a Bar on Orient Beach to start with and then hopefully we can progress to something more permanent next year, the management of the Hotel are very excited and we are flying in a Snuba trainer to train me as a Snuba Course Director where I can train Snuba guides and also become part of the Snuba university which you can find by following this link
Also we are now listed on the Snuba blog which is cool…. take a look at the guy in the banner at the top – its me in my younger slimmer days!!

Our new boat Octopussy is the name for the new Power Catamaran as you may know and she is taking shape, 250HP Pro XS racing engines are on, sit down tank rack is made and ready to be installed, so is the custom designed ladder which will be the same design and easier to climb than Arvor.
I spent the last 2 – 3 weeks completely re-wiring the whole boat and modifying its existing structure – as soon as she is ready we will post photo’s of before and after.

After Miami Sally and I meet up in New York for two weeks where we will eventually have some down time – can’t wait!! Visiting Jenn and Marc au Marc – could be interesting – lots of Saki and red hats !

That’s about it, thanks for reading and look forward to seeing some of you again in the near future.

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