Currencies in St. Martin / Sint Maarten – What should you bring?

18 Jun

I posted a blog about currencies quite awhile ago, and although I know that I have some super avid readers that get hooked on this blog and end up clicking further and further into the past, I thought it was worth re-posting that particular article as it has been the topic of a lot of conversations this last month. This can be a confusing island!

That particular blog was called… “The Gilder, the Dollar, the USD… What Should I bring?” I wrote it back in 2010, which seems like ages ago! However, all the information is still relevant. The only change is that at the moment the exchange rate for the Euro to the USD is about 1 EURO = 1.25 Dollars (still pretty low, but not as low as it was in May of 2010).

So, if you aren’t sure how to spend your hard earned money in St. Martin, then please read that particular blog. It is very useful, if I may say so myself.

Click here to be transported back in time to May 2010 and read my blog about currencies.

(Sally wrote this blog πŸ™‚ )

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