Deep Diver Specialty – June 2010

22 Jun

The conditions were perfect, the divers were psyched, the instructors were prepared, and I had my camera. I am talking about the Deep Diver Specialty course that we ran a couple of weeks ago.  I know, I know, it has taken me a long time to blog about it, but we had such a crazy week last week, I promise.

I wanted to blog, I really did… but time eluded me.  There were just too many people to dive with, too many photos to take, too many friends to make, so I didn’t blog.  I do apologize about that.

So, back to the deep diving.  There is always this buzz on the boat just before a deep dive.  Some people are nervous, others excited, but all are anticipating an awesome experience.  We were so lucky that when we went out with the AUC group (that is the American University of the Caribbean) the conditions were perfect.  We have a really great group of loyal AUC divers who come out with us at least once or twice a month, depending on their exam schedule.  We like to distract them from their important revision and get them under the water.  As they are here for almost 2 years we really get to develop a strong relationship with all of them, and it makes us so proud when we see our divers that have progressed from Open Water to Advanced and then on to Rescue, or Deep Diver.  Yup, it makes us proud.

For example, there is Monica. I remember when Monica came for her open water here she struggled a bit to begin with, but now she is a pro.  She is the diver in the photo below with the smiling eyes.  Or Ben, who was my open water student.  I remember asking him to take his mask off for the first time at 2 meters depth, and now he is doing it at 40 meters (he is the one with the double thumbs up… a beer fine, I think). I can’t forget the others on the trip, there was Philip, Laura, Kyle, Chris, Ricky, Alicia, Jen and Anna. They all did fantastic and we will be so sad when they graduate and go on to be successful doctors somewhere.

I actually only was able to join the group on the third and fourth dives of the specialty. For these deep dives we went to La Renee (140 ft) and the Fuh Sheng (115 ft). La Renee has been a really popular dive site for us recently, with our experienced divers asking to do it more than once. It is pretty awesome, and with my flash you can see that it is covered in beautiful colors.

A couple of my photos are in black and white. I recently looking at photos by Wayne Levin and a lot of his photos are in black and white, so I am experimenting… Let me know what you think.

So, please enjoy the photos below, and if any of you deep divers want any of the photos, just email me and I will send them to you. Thanks for letting me document the whole thing, it was a pleasure.

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