Octopus Diving and our sister company, Caribbean Technical Diving, work closely with Diving Marine Solutions in UK, where we have a complete stock of Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR’s).

Rebreather Sales & Support in St. Martin

Rebreather Sales & Support in St. Martin

We can supply TAX FREE sales of the following models:

– Inspiration Evolution (and Evo+)

– Inspiration Classic

– Megalodon (APECS)

– Poseidon MK6


– VR Sentinel


With our dedicated team of CCR Instructors we can arrange training, back up, spares and repairs on most Rebreathers.

Octopus Diving and Caribbean Technical Diving can also offer training and support for mixing gas and boosting Oxygen offsite to 200Bar or 3000PSI.

We carry Closed Circuit Rebreather spares and sofnolime for most rebreathers and if we don’t have it, with our network of suppliers throughout the world, we can always get it shipped to St. Maarten, overnight if necessary.

Whether you want a CCR for yourself or a CCR for your Superyacht or Megayacht, whatever you need please Contact Us for an extremely competitive price.