Diving at Chico and Tugboat Dive Sites |French Side | St Martin

08 Sep

Well, I did decide to go diving yesterday! It was awesome and I was so glad that I went. It just seems, for me anyway, that time disappears underwater. I know that when I surface, it will be however many minutes later, but somehow it always feels like that time doesn’t count. Maybe it is because there are no phones, no computers, there is nothing to do but be. And lets be honest, how often are we able to take that time during the day to just “be.”

Anyway, I feel so much better for it, although sad for you that you can’t just come for a quick dive with me to lose some time in the best way possible.

I posted these on facebook and also on Google+, but you aren’t into social networks then please enjoy the photos that I took yesterday here, in this blog.