Diving with wide angle and Macro!

19 Aug

The weather has been so great the last week that I just have to talk about it. We go on windguru.com everyday to check the weather and also the forecast for the upcoming week. Windguru is really for surfers and kite surfers, so there are little stars on each day marking how good it will be for kite surfing. Lot’s of stars (a good rating) means that kite surfing should be really great. We like it when there are NO STARS. No stars means no wind, no wind means calm seas and easy boat rides, good vis, and great diving. All last week and this week, no stars. Maybe one or two on occasional days, but hardly any at all.

We have been able to dive Basse Espagnole almost every day, and this is one of my favorite dive sites. We can’t always dive there because the dive site is basically these huge slabs of rock that jut up in the channel in between us, Tintamarre and Anguilla. If the waves are any bigger than 3 feet, we can’t dive there, it is too dangerous. Even when the waves are insignificant there is some surge pulling divers one way, and then the next. It is totally worth it though, so amazing there. Lot’s of elkhorn coral, huge barracudas and the colors are just so vibrant.

I took my camera the other day to Basse Espagnole and got some photos of Chris and Stuart, who are training for their Advanced Nitrox certifications in November. The Advanced Nitrox certification is basically diving with a twinset and learning about decompression diving. It is real Tec stuff and Chris should really blog about that, as I don’t know too much about it. Maybe I should get Stu to blog… you all would like that, wouldn’t you? I can just imagine the the look on his face and the comments he will make if I ask him to blog… I will ask though, just for you! I then switched to Macro and got some nice shots of the sponge corals there. It is difficult to shoot macro at Basse Espagnole though, with the surge going back and forth, but I did get some nice shots. I’m trying to get lots of color in my photos! So enjoy these photos from the other day.

The weather is set to continue this week, which is great as we have Rob, Laura and Jeff here from the Poconos / Philadelphia diving with us. Today is there first day out, and they are going to Japanese Garden and the Tugboat.

Alright, more later on something else we are super psyched about… NITROX!
(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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