Eating and Listening in St. Martin

07 Jan

I’m on a roll, folks! I’m on a roll… 3 blogs in 3 days!

I know that my parents will be happy to be getting all these great updates from me. Actually, I haven’t spoken to my mom in a few days, so I probably should skype her. She did email me though, she said, and I quote “Hi, Your blog made nanna cry. I was of sterner stuff. Love Mummy” Well, that totally wasn’t my intention, but apparently it was more mushy than I thought. This blog is safe, I don’t think it will make anyone cry!

People always ask me where they should go to dinner in Grand Case. So, I thought I should blog about it a little bit. I have to say that we have not visited all of the restaurants in Grand Case, there are just too many, and if we did, we would have to be charging a lot more for scuba diving, because they can get pricey! However, over the last 3 years we have been to a few and these are my favorite.

Favorite #1 is for sure, PIAZZA PASCAL.This restaurant is fairly new, it is run by Donna and Pascal. Donna and Pascal lived in Michigan for years, Donna is American and Pascal is French. However, about a year and a half ago, they moved to St. Martin and started Piazza Pascal. The food is amazing! Really. We always get the calamari steak to start, and then Chris will get some kind of steak and I like to get the Spaghetti Salsiccia (I think I spelled that correctly). They also have really amazing specials. What I love, is the service is great. Donna is always there and she seems to float from table to table being the perfect hostess. Everything comes in a timely manner, but not rushed, the food is excellent and it is very reasonably priced. They take Euro for Dollar (even if you pay with a credit card). Check out their menu on the website. YUUUUMMMMMYYYY! We go there about twice a month and have never been disappointed. It is our new found gem in Grand Case. Also, in the dive shop we have 10% off coupons, so even if you aren’t diving with us, stop by to get one.

Last night we took our good friend Soc with us. Soc is the DJ for Island92. This is a local radio show, so if you are on island tune in to 91.9 FM in your rental car, or… if you are at home you can catch the online streaming at

We have advertised with Island92 for just over a year now, but I feel that it is only recently that we have started to become friends with Soc as well as doing business together. Soc, Jeffrey is his real first name and apparently he stole his on line name from his Dad who every one calls Soc. (Am I allowed to write that on the internet, Soc? It’s not a secret, right? Just don’t tell Soc I told you all, okay?) Anyway… Soc is from Connecticut but has been visiting St. Martin for years, and I mean a long time…. maybe before I was born… that long ago, cuz I’m not so young anymore… I saw some wrinkles on the New Years Eve photos! I did, I did. He fell in love with St. Martin, just like the rest of us, and decided to pack up his life in the states and move here permanently. His show is really funny, and although Soc can’t believe it, we all just tune in to hear him. He plays great music (Rock, Blues and Good Time Music on Island 92!) but I think the reason that I listen, is because listening to Soc on the radio feels like having a little bit of the States here in St. Martin. He sounds like the friends that you grew up with, he sounds like the postman that knows when you’re getting your college acceptance letters, he sounds like the conductor on the railway that says “Tickets, tickets, please.” I’m not describing it well enough. He sounds like a little piece of home but on a Caribbean island.

So, we are doing this new thing where he calls us up twice week to do a quick update on the weather and water conditions in Grand Case. We chat, live on air, for about 3 minutes at some time between 9 and 11 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are supposed to talk about the weather, but when I am talking to him on the phone (I’m not in the studio or anything) I forget I’m live on air. Chris says that I say “ummm” too much, but I say that when I’m talking to people as well! So, I forget and end up rambling on about something or other. Kind of like these blogs, rambling on and on and on and on. Luckily my mom and dad don’t mind, and they are my #1 blog fans! I think I write “so” too much. And I also start sentences with conjunctions, which I think is a big no no. Sometimes my dad emails me after the blog goes out noting all the grammatical errors that I had! So, saying umm too much isn’t that big a deal.

I am diving this afternoon, so I can’t really write any more. We are diving La Renee, Chris is finishing up an Advanced Nitrox Certification and he wants me to take some photos. The sea is calm, the wind is low, the viz is great, so I am excited. I have to get my camera ready, though, so I will cut this blog short.

(Sally wrote this blog. 🙂 )

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  1. Soc January 9, 2011 at 5:54 am #

    Sally, you made me smile! Loved dinner with you and Chris and thank you for the opportunity to meet your beloved four legged son, Roger!

    THANK YOU for your friendship and thank you for making our island feel like home!


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