We Guarantee Excellent and Safe Equipment

All of our equipment is meticulously maintained, serviced, and replaced as necessary. We pride ourselves in the re-investment that we have put into ensuring that all our equipment (from the boats to the regulators, to the wetsuits) is all in top notch condition. If you want comfortable masks, fins that fit, BCDs that don’t leak […]

Dive in the Man of War Shoal Marine Park

Only one mile off the coastline, the Man of War Shoal Marine Park of St Maarten is a protected marine park which is home to many endangered species of animals as well as hosting a healthy population of marine mammals including migratory whales and dolphins, numerous species of shark, sea turtles and fish species. Less time […]

Try Dives for Uncertified Divers

If you would like to try diving for the first time, then why not come diving with us and know that you are in safe hands. You have the choice of leaving from Philipburg and go for a scuba dive at Divi Little Bay, or you may choose to get a taxi to our French […]

Convenience to Cruise Ship Terminal

Diving from a cruise ship in SXM

Where can you find less crowded scuba diving and snorkeling sites? That is easy, just come and dive with Octopus Diving. We take hundreds of cruise ship guests diving every year. We are located at Bobby’s Marina, either a 5 minute walk from the ship, or take the water taxi and get dropped off at our […]

Over 1000 Five Star Reviews on Tripadvisor

The Tugboat | Wreck Dive | St Maarten Dive Sites

If we can’t convince you to snorkel and scuba dive with us, then perhaps some of our previous customers can. Octopus Diving has over 900 five star reviews on tripadvisor.com. A testament to their commitment to excellent customer service, impeccably maintained equipment, and comfortable and safe dive boats.

Valet Diving

Valet diving means that we take care of everything for you, so that all you have to do is turn up and dive. We will take all your equipment to the boat and set it up for you, we will change your tanks in between dives, we will make sure that you are all set […]