Finding the time…

16 Dec

I think that maybe lil’ Keiran doesn’t want me to write a blog. Seriously! Every time that I finally sit down to write, he demands my attention. Classic example, right now.

He was sound asleep on the bed (looking super handsome in his blue shirt) and I thought “I know… I can write a blog” and the second that I sat down to start this, he woke up. He’s fine really, he can just lie there and stare at the ceiling until he get bored. He is the problem… he is making these amazing little cooing noises and I find that I just have to go over to him and stare at him adoringly. Oh My! He just said something that was soooo cute, and I don’t even know what it means!

This is what it is to be a mom, or a dad. It isn’t just that there isn’t time to write a blog because the baby needs changing, or feeding, or put to sleep, it is also because I need at least a few hours a day to marvel at him. In fact, one photo really isn’t enough, is it??? 🙂

Something else that I am getting really good at, is typing one handed…. like right now. Baby in one arm and

Sorry, had to cut that short. The one-armed typing was too much for Keiran, he decided that I needed to give him all my attention. I have now swaddled him tight as anything, popped a pacifier in his mouth and put him in the automatic swinging chair that my mom and dad bought me the other day. This should keep him occupied for about 5 minutes at least. (I better type fast).

So… why haven’t I gone diving yet? Well, I can’t even find the time to write a blog or finish a whole cup of tea, so diving hasn’t been a possibility yet. I am looking forward to it though, because apparently it has been really good lately. The divers this morning came back talking of sharks and turtles and I felt really jealous. However, I got about 20 minutes of uninterrupted Keiran adoring done this morning, so I wasn’t that jealous.

What I really should be writing about is all the changes that Chris has made to the diving center to make it look amazing for this season. In fact, while Keiran is all bundled up and occupied (actually I see his eyes are closed, could it be he is asleep? Joy!!! Now I can stare at him while he sleeps… just kidding) I will pop outside and take some photos!

First of all he has clad the two containers that house a lot of our equipment and also the compressor and tec filling station.

(Oh No.. I sneezed! I think I got away with it, lil’ K sort of jerked a bit, but he hasn’t woken up.)

We also had a pathway of cement poured and erected a hand rail made of rope and wood to make it more obvious where divers and snorkelers should go.

We build a shoe wrack and also have a show rinsing area too (for right before you put your shoes on.)

He also build a new bathroom and the classroom is complete as well. I didn’t take photos of the bathroom yet, I think someone was in it when I went outside and that would’ve been a little inappropriate!

OK, now that Keiran is finally sleeping (should I put a photo in of that….? No… I think you’ve had enough. But he is soooo cute asleep!) I am going to respond to your emails, which there are many. Looks to be a very busy Christmas season indeed!

(Sally wrote this blog, one handed at times, impressed? 🙂 )

2 Responses to “Finding the time…”

  1. Phil & Megan Stukenholtz December 25, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

    WOW! Strong work. That place looks really nice. We can’t wait to get back there and dive again!

  2. Jay December 25, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    Congrats Sally. Hate to see Stuart go we dove with him when he first arrive nov, Dec 09

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