Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

26 Nov

Chris and I just had our turkey dinner at Pineapple Pete’s (we weren’t in the mood for cooking) and I wanted to spend a couple of minutes mentioning what we are thankful for… so here it goes!

We are thankful for

1. All of our loyal customers who we have had the pleasure of diving and snorkeling with. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love.
2. The joining of Swen and Aurelion to the Octopus Family. They are both great guys who work super hard, and are motivated to doing a great job.
3. All the wonderful people in the Grand Case community that help us every day. Like Reverend Hodge and his two sons Jhonny and Mickey. (They are the owners of Les Alizes and are always ready with a kind word and a smile). Or like Albert, who never passes the dive shop without saying hello. Or like Kevin, our little helper, who sometimes causes more trouble than help. Or like Emile, the owner of Sky’s the Limit, who feeds us when we are hungry and too lazy to cook with a good bbq. Or our nieghbor Rick, from NY, who let us store our kayak next door!
4. The addition of our new boat Octopussy, which makes diving in Saint Martin a dream.
5. The health and well being of our family and loved ones.
6. The really cool octopi that seem to be around lately.
7. The addition of the members of Les Fruits de Mer, who are here for one whole year… yeah! I will blog more about them at a later date…. so stay tuned.
8. The fact that we get to meet so many wonderful people everyday, while living and diving in such a beautiful place.
9. Our lovely cat Max, who is so big he may as well be a small tiger!
10. All our family and friends that come to visit us, especially my family who are all coming for my 30th birthday in February… I know…. 30 years old…. ahhhhh!
11. A hurricane free season!
12. And of course, we are thankful to all of our blog readers (that means you!)

So, have a wonderful day everyone, wherever you are! I do believe that now it is time for bed, all that turkey makes me sleepy!

(this blog was written by Sally :))

2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!”

  1. Randy Owen December 2, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    Really nice writing Sally. I enjoy reading the blogs but it makes me want to get back to St Maarten. Atleast reading the blogs I get to experience the dives through your writing. It’s just not the same though. I’m working on getting my wife a full face mask and try to get her comfortable. I would really like her to dive the next time we come to St Maarten. Nice to see the new boat is in the water and working well for you and Chris. See you both as soon as we can. Thanks again for the awsome dives, the open water certification & the blogs.

    Be Safe,


  2. J.P. Simmons December 14, 2009 at 12:27 am #

    Hi Sally & Chris, just catching up on your blog; I am one of the secret followers and I decided it might be nice to tell you about what keeping up means to me. I dove with you as part of a wonderful vacation all the way back in july 2008. The experience with you and the island still fuels me today.

    I am a former exec with a subsidiary of Lehman Bros.; we all know what happened there a short few months after we met. Living in the midst of a slow-motion bomb blast for over a year has been tough. I survived well enough- had to move my family to a new city, but am blessed with a very good job. Most of my friends in the company have not faired as well; it tears my heart out to hear what they are going through and the families that have been impacted so harshly.

    I am telling you this to be sure you never underestimate the importance of the experience you provide. My dive with you guys- the last dive I have been on- is as fresh to me as if we went last week. The memories of what we saw, how you guys live, and how you treated me, offer moments of fond memory and peace in a disturbing and difficult time. Keep up the good work, blog often and live a great life. I hope I can dive with you again soon.

    Best– J.P.

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