How can you know who to dive with?

03 Mar

I get a lot of emails everyday! Sometimes I am out diving on the boat in the morning and then I come back in the afternoon, open up the computer and look at my email and I’ll have well over 50 emails in my inbox!

Sure, a lot of them I can delete immediately, but quite a few of them require a lot of thought. I get emails from people that have been diving with us before (which I LOVE) and one of the most frequently asked question is: “I am visiting some place different, can you recommend a diving center there?”

Sometimes I do know a reputable diving center, but more often than not, I don’t. So, if you can’t find someone that has been to that small island in the middle of nowhere, how do you know who to dive with?

Here are some ways to figure out the best diving center.

1) Get online and do your research!

The way that the world is today, everything is at the touch of your fingertips. Just type in a simple search to find a diving center where you are going. Most of the time you get a feeling at first glance about a diving center when you first click on their website. But be aware the diving instructors and dive center owners aren’t necessarily website designers or experts in search engine optimization (except for me, obviously!!!). This means that you may need to spend some real time searching for a diving center. Try “Scuba” “Dive” “PADI Dive Center” “Diving” and other various combinations.

2) Once you find a diving center email them.

So, now you’ve found a diving center on line, and you like the look of their website (or not but you are taking a chance) send them an email. In that email you want to ask some important questions.

1. What is the maximum amount of divers that they take out in a group?
2. What is the rental equipment like?
3. Are the dive trips guided?
4. If you are taking a course, ask them how many students they take out per instructor?
5. What are the boats like?
6. When did they last change the air filter on their compressor.

For me, these are the most important questions, and I certainly get asked these questions by divers. The last one not so much, about the air filters. The other though, quite frequently.

3) Wait for the responses and see what you think.

You can also search online for reviews on places such as, or or post a question on Facebook to see if anyone has any info on where you are going. But I would also look at these sites with caution. On line reviews give a lot of power to the reviewer, and sometimes they shouldn’t be completely trusted.

If in doubt, email me and I will help!!!

(sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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