How is Roger doing?

22 Jan

Last year I blogged about our latest member of staff, Roger. Well, he isn’t the latest member of staff any more, but I thought that I would update everyone on how he is doing. As you will recall from my earlier posts and from the website staff pages Roger was a bit of a vagabond when he first walked into the dive shop. He was looking for work, but we weren’t hiring at the time (plus he was looking pretty shabby when he first came in). He didn’t have any diving skills, or boat handling experience, but he was eager to learn, extremely persistent, and as I mentioned before, pretty freaking cute! How could I say no? So, we took him on and he has made amazing progress.
Roger has been working really hard on his swimming abilities. When he first arrived he seemed to be a natural in the water, but still needed a lot of training. It took a lot of after work time in the water with him, coaxing him into deeper and deeper water, but he is now able to swim out to the boat and back with ease and we have worked on several rescue scenarios as well (you can see photos on his staff web page). He has been on the boat plenty of times, and seems to have his sea legs, but he hasn’t been promoted to captain yet. Maybe next year.
Roger has made his way into the hearts of many of the ladies (and some lads too) that have been diving and snorkeling with us. He is a real sucker for a kiss and a cuddle, and will do everything he can to get them, so if you come diving with us don’t feel bad if you succumb to his charm.
When he is a little older we will start to give him more responsibilities, but for now he just helps out around the dive shop, clearing the grounds, doing some gardening. He is a real help in the morning loading the boat, although you wouldn’t think it as those tanks are so heavy. However, I find that one of Roger’s best talents is calming down divers that are a little nervous before their first diving experience. He just goes right over to them, distracts them with his charm and smile, and puts them at ease.
If you would like to see some photos of Roger and his amazing Rescue abilities, then just click on this link.

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