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14 Jan

A truck, or something of the sort, must have driven in the little street next to the dive shop, and the telephone line (that was and always has been precariously low) was pulled and torn. Therefor, the phone is not working. 🙁

I then thought “I know, I will call the telephone company.” So, I went to my statement and saw that the help line is reached by simply calling 3901 from the telephone. However, if the phone isn’t working, then how can you call? Well, this sent me into a little searching on the internet. I found a great number to call France Telecom in English. I tried this number from my Dutch cell phone, and nice French gentleman told me, in pretty good English, that I had a business account and he couldn’t help me. I would have to call 3901 from my phone. When I explained that I couldn’t use my phone at all, he said he would transfer me. He did so, the phone beeped a couple of time, and then I was disconnected…. frustrating.

So, then I called back. The number wouldn’t work this time and a pre-recorded voice said in English “the number you are calling has now changed, you should now dial 0800 blah blah blah.” However, I can’t call an 0800 number from my Dutch cell phone. I don’t understand why I got through the first time, but there you go. Then I tried to find an actual number to call France Telecom on line. This isn’t so easy. They all tell me to dial 1015 or 3901 from my line. Ugggg!

At this point I found out that I can call 3901 from my French cell. I discovered this by calling Chris, who was out and about doing errands and asked him to try and call. He tried it, and then hung up on them and called me to say it worked, (he wouldn’t be able to talk to them in French). So, then I had to wait for Chris to come back to Grand Case, come to the shop with the cell phone, and I was finally able to speak to a woman (not as nice as the man who I spoke to first) and she asked me if I tried connecting another phone into the line. I explained that there was no line… it has been ripped off the side of the wall. Well, I tried to explain this, but in my frustration my French probably wasn’t at the best, so who knows what I actually said!

At any rate, fingers crossed, someone will come out to look at the line tomorrow. If not, it will be Monday. So, if you are trying to call me on my land line in the office and can’t get through, this is why. Try calling our cell +590 690 505 133 or calling my Dutch Cell +599 554 7623. Or just email me, luckily that is still working.

(A frustrated Sally wrote this blog 🙁 )

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