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24 Aug

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I think that this may be because over the years I am starting to feel the pressure to produce a long, wonderful story that is witty, humorous and insightful. (Or I just get caught up in my writing and end up going and going and going).

Chris says that I should just try and some short blogs more frequently and I suppose I do agree with him, as usual.

So… what is going on today. Well, Chris just got back a trip to Saba last night. He was there with two students, Jason and Corinna who are doing their Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course. They are our first students that we have started the Technical course in St Martin and then completed the course in Saba. Chris wen with them, obviously, and I arranged all the transport and hotel accommodation. It does cost the divers a little bit more, but it is super fun. The diving in Saba is great and this way you get to take a little bit of Octopus Diving (well I suppose Chris is actually a very large bit of Octopus Diving) to Saba.

We are working with Saba Deep to run these Tec Courses and then our divers are staying at the Queen’s Garden. I was lucky enough to go out to Saba while Chris was going his Normoxic Instructor Course with Richard Stevenson back in July. Each room has it’s own jacuzzi. Chris was working really really hard for this course, busy all day, so I decided to invite a friend (well 2 friends actually, Keiran needed company as well). We spent most of the day in the jacuzzi in our room. It was HARD work!

At the Queens Garden

At the Queens Garden

The resort is beautiful and it was so much fun. The kids loved it as well.

OK, well, that wasn’t about today at all, in fact that was last week! Trying to do short blogs, baby asleep and I’ve got tons to do!!
(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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