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02 Jan

Well, I have written a longer post that is still in draft phase that I haven’t published yet, so this is just a short one that will not include our Season’ Festivities and will only address the recent publication of my photos in Ocean Magazine.

Two years ago I approached the magazine, which is a publication for the islands of St. Barts, Anguilla and St. Martin for tourists. I brought them a CD of some underwater photographs that they may like to use. The woman at the desk that I handed the photos to took them kindly enough, but the look in her eyes said “Sure, like you have underwater photographs that we will want to print.” Nevertheless, I received a call later that day from a very enthusiastic editor asking if I could come in.

He said, in French, that he really liked my photos and that they would very much like to use them in the magazine. Then he said… “In exchange pour zee photos, what would you like?” Well, I suppose I should have asked for cold hard cash, but I wasn’t really aware of the normal charges for underwater photographs, so instead I told him that I would simply like a free advertisement for my diving center, Octopus Diving, in the magazine. He said “Zis is a good exchange.”

So last year, they published quite a few of my photos and I even got the cover. Many of you will have seen it, as it is framed and up on the wall in the dive shop. So this year..

(I just realized something. I should be saying two years ago for the first encounter and last year for the second encounter as we are now in 2011. Wow, that feels weird.)
So, last year they called me again to ask if I had any other photographs for them. I certainly did, having spent another year in St. Martin snapping away. I sent them about 50. For those of you that are avid blog readers, you will remember that post and all the photos that I sent. For those of you that are new to this, you will just have to read all the blogs in 2010 to find the right one. Just kidding, here is the link to that particular blog

It is always difficult to know what photos they will like, as they don’t always choose the one’s that I would. Anyway… this year they chose 17 of my photos to be displayed over 20 pages. Pretty cool, right? I am pretty excited about this. Chris is always telling me that I should do more with my photos, send them in to contests or at least frame them and sell them in the shop. But I am a little shy about it. I love sharing them with all of you, but you are such a friendly, non critical audience (especially my # blog readers / fans…. my parents).

However, I didn’t get the cover. That is the annoying part, because out of all the photos that I sent, they use another photo that isn’t mine, and it isn’t even really that good. You can be the judge.

I just feel that it is a strange photo to choose for the cover, there is even a large amount of backscatter right in the middle of the photo!!

Oh well. It is their choice and not mine. I will post the rest of the pages that are inside. I also put the words “Not Sally’s Photo” on top of the photographs that are not mine. Although, I think that you could tell just by looking at them yourself. Chris thinks that maybe the owner of the magazine is friends with a photographer so is including their photos in the magazine.
So here is the first page. The text is really funny too.
St. Martin Diving

Now the photo just above is really funny because it is our very own Greg who was diving with us last June. He is one of our favorite divers. I love the text because just to the left of Greg’s head it says “Calm or stormy, the sea fills his thoughts. Although the poet may speak of the smiling surface of the sea, beneath the waves a heart beats the rhythm of drama as well as serenity. Underwater life is infinite.” Hee hee, I can’t see Greg saying something like that. Maybe “let’s go diving, it’s fun!”

Now the pages above I just don’t get. I mean, my photo of the Butterfly fish is really cute, but then there is an overexposed photograph of some fire coral?

This isn’t my image above either, and I won’t say too much about it in case the photographer reads my blog. Or the editor…. yikes, what if they do?

Those are my photos above, of a shark at Le Pont and then some little critters at Nikki’s Wreck.

There you can see the ad that was zee exchange for my photos. I think that next year I will ask for a bigger spot!

Alright, that is all the pages from the magazine. I hope that you enjoy them.

OH… I should also say, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish all the best above and below the surface for everyone in 2011.

(sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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