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22 Mar

I realized that I haven’t written a blog in a while. I think I am putting too much pressure on myself. So many people come and tell me that they read my blog, or that they love to hear what is going on here, what a great writer I am (I love that!) and more. Over the years I have built up this standard for my blogs which means that I am not writing them as often as I should. Chris always tells me “Just write a shorter blog every few days instead of a super long one every few weeks.” But like any normal wife, I scoff at his suggestions. But like any normal wife, I should probably take notice of what he is saying.

So, what is going on right now? Right now I am trying to juggle reservations for our very busy March. Little Keiran is asleep for his morning nap. Josette (our nanny/helper/life-saver) should arrive in a few minutes (she comes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings), the boats have left for their dive trips this morning (it is a super calm beautiful day) and I am writing a quick blog. See, part of me wants to run out and take a photo of how gorgeous it is and post it here. This will make you feel like you are really here with me! But that takes time, and I know that by the time I run out and take, import in on the computer, lower the resolution for the website, upload it and then post it, 10 minutes will have passed in which time anything could happen to distract me from my present task.

Oh… Dammit!
Scuba Dive Snorkel SXMDiving in St Martin

Now I know that you are happy that I posted it because you get to see, and to be honest it only took me 5 minutes. However, now Josette arrived and I feel bad ignoring her, but if I don’t I may never get this blog out. I included the second photo because it has Keiran’s little swing in it, and he is spending a lot of time in that swing. (No Sally, don’t go and get Keiran and put him in the swing and take a photo to post on the blog!!! Or should you? NO!!!) He was in it this morning while I was helping the divers get ready and he was loving it!

So, back to the reservations! I am getting frustrated becuase the same thing keeps happening. People email me to see if there is space available. I respond “yes, there is, but please don’t wait to confirm your reservation.” Then, a few days later, they leave a deposit to confirm and by that time the spots are gone! Then I have to email them back and say “So sorry, but we can’t take you out as the spots filled up since I last emailed you.” I just pray that they read their email and don’t just show up at the dive shop! I do feel bad. Especially this one family, Ritchie the dad emailed me for the reservation but didn’t put the deposit down until 2 days later, at which point I couldn’t take them out. Ritchie is on a cruise and wanted to reserve for him and his 2 kids to do a discover scuba dive. They are really excited about it! However, by the time that he left the deposit, Craig had already reserved. Craig is 4 divers, one Open Water Student and a snorkeler. So, I ran out of room. I emailed Ritchie back, refunded his deposit, but haven’t heard back from him yet! What if he just shows up. Imagine the kids faces! πŸ™ Oh my! It will break my heart.

So, what is the moral of the story? Please don’t wait long to make your reservation. Beth waited, and she and her son want to do the Open Water course this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. When she emailed me it was possible, but she waited, left the deposit and now it isn’t! I am going to try and juggle things around and see what I can do!

Chris says to me “you told them not to wait, you told them we are busy, it isn’t your fault.” I still feel bad about it though. Oh No… another email just came in. The notification popped up in the right hand corner of my screen “I’ll take Monday morning.” Yikes. I’m pretty sure that isn’t available anymore. I will stay here, in my blog, for just a few minutes longer before disappointing someone else.

Other news… We had a new intern arrive on the 19th. Her name is Charley, she is British. She is already a Divemaster, but has been out of the diving industry for a while, so wanted to do an internship to get back into the swing of things. She is also a yoga teacher, and her CV is really fun. Lots of work in Australia, New Zealand. I like her.

Other news… I went diving with my camera for the first time in ages the other day. The whole time I was imagining what I would write in my blog to include you in the experience. Then I got back, the baby needed feeding, emails were waiting, accounts to do, resumes to look at, etc. So, it fell to the wayside. I did get some nice photos of Chris on his rebreather though. Shall I find them for you? I do really need to sign off now. Take care of that “I’ll take Monday morning” email.

OK, photos first, that is more fun! Then back to reservations!

I only have the download from his FB page as they are on my other computer. This should suffice though. Or you can go to his FB page, Chris has an open FB page so anyone can view it, subscribe, etc. https://www.facebook.com/southdevondiver

OK, enough for now, back soon!

(Sally wrote this πŸ™‚ )

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