Lemonade! Buy your lemonade!

04 Feb

Last Sunday was really fun as all of our divers came back to the dive shop and were greeted with some lemonade. This was courtesy of our local lemonade sellers, Lola and Julia. Hopefully they will be here every Sunday as they did pretty well (most of the lemonade was bought from me however!) For only 25 cents you can purchase a cold glass of home made lemonade with ice. Here is photo of them with Javenot, our nieghbor, buying some lemonade. So, maybe, when you are next diving with us, Julia and Lola will be there to take advantage of your thirst.

Lemonade, buy your lemonade

One of the reasons that I think they did so well was their constant heckling of tourists. “Fresh, homemade lemonade! Buy it here! Only 25 cents! C’mon, why don’t you want one? We’re kids, we need money! Buy from us!”

It worked on me, anyway. I spent a whopping 2 dollars to buy a round of lemonade for everyone!

Enough about that. I had a fun day out yesterday. I went diving with Chris from Ohio, and Isabelle and Patrick from France. We went to Tintamarre to dive Japanese Garden and then the Tugboat. I was crossing my fingers super tight for some dolphins, the water has been a bit colder recently, which is a good sign for dolphin spottings… but alas, we didn’t see any. We did see tons of fish, shark, turtles, morays and more, but no dolphins. Next time.

Right now I have Alex in here and Devin. Devin’s mom works at the Undersea Explorer, which is the glass bottom boat, and Alex did an internship here last year and the year before. I have blogged about him before, but maybe not so recently. Alex is trying to do some of the work towards the Advanced Open Water, and Devin is watching the dvd for the Open Water. Alex is donning a sporting fake rasta hat and isn’t wearing a shirt because Kevin got him wet with water from the rinse tank (that was pretty funny). They are both really keen, although having trouble concentrating at the moment. It seems to be 3 minutes reading the manual and then 5 minutes running around, then back in the seat for some more concentration. It is great though, I love to see it. I wish more of the St. Martin locals were divers. I’m hoping that Alex will eventually become and instructor and work for us. But right now he is only 15, so we will have to wait and see! Sometimes though, with Kevin in here, Alex and Devin, it can be a bit much! I do have work to do!

Alex not studying!

Devin and Alex not studying!

What else has been going on here. We had a great time at Harmony night the night before last. We met Shane there, who was diving with us the day before, and also we were dancing away to Jonny’s and Mikey’s band. Jonny and Mikey live opposite the dive shop and their dad is Reverend Hodge (who owns Les Alizes).

I feel like I should be writing more about diving and less about the local activities, but Grand Case is such a small, close knit community, that it seems intertwined with the diving activities.

Alright, I need to kick Alex and Devin out, they are asking a million questions and driving me crazy!!!

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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