Macro at New Reef and Sally’s Reef

28 Aug

Well, I woke up yesterday morning and I decided to join the morning two tank dive and take out my camera. I fitted it up with a macro lens so I could take photos of the really little stuff! I normally shoot wide angle with a fish eye lens, but with the macro lens it is like having a completely different camera underwater.

We only had one sole diver yesterday morning, Alan. He recently completed his open water course with us and is a natural in the water.

After setting up my camera and my equipment we were sitting around waiting for our one sole diver, Alan. At 8 AM we decided it was time to call him as he wasn’t the type of person that would show up late.

Charley called the Grand Case Beach Club, I only heard her side of the conversation.
“Hi, This is Charley from Octopus Diving, can I please be transferred to the room of one of your guests who is diving with us?”
A seconds silence.
“Hello, is that Alan?”
“We were just wondering if you were still coming diving with us this morning.”
He is replying.
“Well, that is great, the thing is it is already 8:05 AM”
Charley listens and smiles.
“No, it isn’t 7:05 AM, it is 8:05 AM.”
Charley smiles bigger.
“Sure, we can wait.”

Three minutes later we see Alan running to the diving center with his wallet, a GoPro and a banana! He is all apologies and we tell him he isn’t the first and won’t be the last πŸ™‚ He is, after all, on vacation.

Then we went out to dive New Reef and then Sally’s Reef. For me the highlight of the dive was when, during the safety stop, this large hawksbill turtle came swimming up to us from the depth, almost ran into my camera, circled us and then went to the surface. We watched him at the surface for a bit and then he came back down and swam towards Walt. I made the sign underwater for “He loves you” and Walt had no idea what I was talking about!!!

Anyway… these are my photos that I took on those two dives. My favorite is the close up of the turtles eye!

Angel Fish in St Martin / Sint Maarten Caribbean

brain coral

chrstmas tree worms

file fish

fish new reef

flamingo tongue edited

harlequin edited

Lion fish in Caribbean Water

Sponge Coral underwater photography Caribbean

Squirrel Fish Diving in Carribean

Swimming Turtle while Diving in St Martin

turtle 3

Tutle edited

Alan is diving with us again on Thursday, I’m pretty sure he is going to show up on time!!!

Sally wrote this blog πŸ™‚

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