My name is Luty… I shake my booty…

17 Jul

Get a beat going… imagine little Kevin starting to swing back and forth and eventually start shaking his butt back and forth (quite wildly I might add), and then we break out in song::

“My name is Luty,

I shake my booty.

The girls go wild,

They want my child.

But my wife, I love so much.

So you can look, but please don’t touch!”

This is our way of introducing you to Chris Luty, who is here for a short spell working as a diving instructor.  For some reason, we made up a song about him, and little Kevin especially loves it. Every time we sing that little jingle, he giggles like crazy.  It doesn’t really reflect so much on Luty’s character, as he isn’t really shaking his butt that much, but as the creator of the jingle, I think it is really funny.

Luty is originally from New Jersey. He and his lovely wife, Theresa, are currently in the process of emigrating to the Turks and Caicos. We call him “Luty” as his first name, obviously, is the same as my husband, Chris.  So, it can be confusing if I shout out from inside the shop for Chris’ attention “Chris,” I shout.  Now, one of two things can happen, I can either get both of their attention, or none.  You see, they can both just conveniently decide that I am calling for the attention of the other Chris.  So we have been calling Chris, Luty.

Enough about that. Luty has been diving since he was 12 off the coast of Jersey.  He then ended up working as a diving instructor in Turks and Caicos and has a very simple, streamlined approach to diving. Less is more. He has no hair (intentionally) and for some reason, it seems that I am surrounded by Stu, Chris and Luty, all with shaved heads. Must be an Octopus thing. Luckily Theresa makes up for Luty’s looks as she is much more pleasant to look at.

Luty has a great sense of humor, sometimes I think that he should have been a comedian, but he can also be really serious at times as well (normally any time that food is involved).  Safety is really important to him, as it is to us, so he is a good match at Octopus Diving.  We’re not sure how long he is going to stay with us, but for us, the longer the better.

Theresa is doing her Dive Master internship while she is here and also helping out in the shop.  She is originally from Canada, but after becoming a Luty she went through the process of getting her US citizenship and every now and then her Canadian accent comes through. Everyone seems to love her, including us, and she has been taking reservations, answering questions and just generally being really helpful in the shop.  So, if you ring and a woman answers, it will either be Theresa or me.

Those photos weren’t actually that easy to get! Luty, apparently, does not like having his photo taken.  So, Luty, if you are reading this, you don’t need to check the staff webpage, as I didn’t put up any photos of you that were not pre-approved by you first.  🙂

Hope everyone is well.
(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

2 Responses to “My name is Luty… I shake my booty…”

  1. Greg July 21, 2010 at 6:55 am #

    Hey, I thought we were going with LutyChris ! I guess it’s oK though. Good thing you didn’t use that picture of Theresa after she got bit on the lip by that spider !
    We are already missing you guys, and seeing that family on the blog makes me want to get my kids into it even more. We have been spending many days at the lake, and now the 5 YOA, Roman, has learned to dive like his brother and swimming without his life jacket ( in the pool, not the lake). He thinks, and usually does, he can do everything his 8 YOA brother Drew can do. I think we may have to wait to get Drew certified until Roman is old enough. It would make Roman explode if Drew got to do something he couldn’t do !
    Miss you guys !
    Greg and La Deana

  2. Lee Stults August 12, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    I have been a friend of Luty and Theresa for a long time and have shared many great times together. But perhaps the best times were in the Fall of 2006 when I had just become an Open Water Diver and was anxious to get back underwater again. Luty jumped at the chance to share the sport he had loved for so many years and invited me up to Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania. I was still very new to the sport but Luty’s calm, professional approach to dive preparation and dive planning made me comfortable. To this day I have yet to have a better dive buddy or instructor. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of someone who truly loves what they are doing. I look forward to diving again with him (Theresa now, too) and would highly recommend him to anyone. Octopus Diving is lucky to have them.
    Miss you guys!

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