Nanna in St Martin

05 Jan

I just wanted to take a quick moment to blog about my Nanna coming to St. Martin in December. I meant to blog about it in December, but it just didn’t happen as so much was going on, but it really was such a highlight for me, that I wanted to share it with all of you.

My Nanna is from London, England and she was born in 1915. For those of you that need to do the math, that makes her 96 years old this year. Or “As old as her tongue and a little bit older than her teeth,” as she sometimes likes to say. She has lot’s of other great phrases. For example when I was little and I would fall and scrape my knee, she would just pick me up, brush me off and say “Well, a blind man would like to see that.” hee hee hee. When she checked in for her flight the airline attendant said that she was the oldest person she had ever checked on to a flight before. But you know, she is often searched at airports? Go figure. I guess the airport security thinks that she is so obviously not a terrorist that she would be the perfect terrorist, so she often gets the once over.

St. Martin was the furthest south that she has ever been! She regularly comes to visit my family in New York and also travels to Europe with my mom (last year she went to Germany and the year before she was in Norway) but she had never been to the Caribbean before. So my Christmas present from my mom and dad, and my Nanna’s Christmas present from my mom and dad was a visit from Vera (that is her name, although most of the world refers to her simply as “Nanna”).

Nanna and my mom were here for 3 nights and 4 days and we had loads of fun together. We did a little shopping in Philipsburg, we went for a walk on the beach together, I gave her a little tour of the island, but mostly we sat outside our house, watched the divers come in and out and drank lots of tea! She is from England you know.

The world just isn’t as big a place as it used to be. When my parents first got married they moved to Australia for 3 years. They didn’t see their parents once in that time, and communicated by writing letters or sending cassette tapes. The phone was too expensive and their was a long delay when talking. Now, my 95 year old Nanna can just hop on a flight to the Caribbean, and if I want to talk to my parents, I just skype them. And it is for free! Not that I am complaining, it’s wonderful. I am just stating the obvious, I guess. There are still places that this isn’t possible, but in St. Martin, it isn’t really that far from home.

I won’t bore you with any more ramblings about technology, I will just share some photos from Nanna’s trip to St. Martin. She really is an amazing woman and role model, and I am so lucky that she came to visit me! I hope that my mom brings her back soon. We didn’t take her diving, maybe next time!

This is Nanna taking in the beautiful view in Grand Case.

Here are Nanna and I at the shop in Grand Case.

Mom and Nanna in Grand Case.

Mom and I in Grand Case. Please note the beautiful cardigan that my Nanna knitted for me.

Nanna and I walking in Grand Case.

All three of us at Zenit having an afternoon coffee.

In Orient Bay after a late breakfast.

Well, there you have it. It was wonderful. Sorry I didn’t write more about diving, but I will tomorrow, how is that?

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

2 Responses to “Nanna in St Martin”

  1. Esha Gangolli January 5, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    A woman after my own heart! I’m so glad you all had a wonderful time.

    Happy New Year to the Octopus gang!

    • Sally January 6, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

      Thanks Esha, it was so fun meeting you. HAPPY NEW YEAR! And we hope to see you and Keith soon! x

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