New Site

03 Jun

Well,  the new site is finally live. It was a stressful operation, I must admit. The actual site was completed awhile ago, we used an outside expert from Soul Team Travel and Marketing to work with us, most specifically David Basiov. Although he put the site together for us, there was still a lot of work to do to get it to where we wanted it, and that fell to me. All the little personal touches, and I am still going through and seeing things that I want to change. Or changing something and checking the site and losing my mind because I have somehow managed to delete something really important, or created something that looks hideous.

As most of you may know, the internet is the number one way that people find us and choose to dive with us, so the way that our website looks is really important. I want people to come to the site and see that it is a family run business and that Chris and I are passionate about diving AND about customer service. We always tell out staff that it is our customers that pay their wages, not us. This means that they are the real bosses!

I am still learning to make my way through the backdoors of the site. It is a wordpress site, like the last one, and I find this medium a really great way to easily make changes to the site. I’m a big WordPress Fan!

I will ask that if anyone finds any typos, or has any comments on the new site, I am all ears. I want the feedback.

I am also hoping that with the new site I will be more motivated to blog, that is number one on my list at the moment, blog more!

Alright, back to the website!

Sally wrote this blog.