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01 Jul

I just wanted to quickly post about some of the awesome night dives that we have been doing lately.  I love night dives, there is just something about them that it really great!  Maybe it is the excitement just before, or all of the different creatures that we see, or maybe the fact that a night dive is a really solitary thing to do, and that can be really nice.  Diving itself is a totally social sport, you meet so many people, there are always tons of things to talk about, but there is also something very solitary about diving.

First of all, when you are diving, (even though we always with a buddy), you can’t speak to your buddy or fellow divers.  It is an hour, (more or less) that you are left to your own train of thoughts inside your own head.  We can gesticulate like crazy with other divers, communicating with our hands and our eyes, but I find that ultimately it is a singular and individual experience underwater.  This is magnified, for me, on a night dive, as I can’t see the other divers, only their lights in the darkness.  It sounds scary, but it isn’t. Somehow the darkness is like a blanket, and you can forget that you are underwater as it is impossible to tell depth without looking at your gauge or your computer.  People’s breathing slows down just as time seems to slow down.  We can easily do a 60 minute night dive and my divers that normally go through their tanks really quickly, come up with 500 more psi.  Maybe it is because we are moving so slowly, really taking the time to look in every crevice and under every rock.  Maybe it is because we get so lost in thought that we forget to worry about our air consumption and just stare in wonder at the creatures that come out at night.

So, there is that special solitary feeling that I love about night dives, but I also love the little creatures that come out at night, I love the unusual colors that we see, and I also love the bio luminescence in the water.  Look at some of the photos below, and you will see a decorator crab that Mark pointed out to me.  These are tiny crabs that wear sponges like hats to disguise themselves.  In the day they are really hard to see, but at night, when they are walking around, they are easily identifiable. Or the squid, which we see in the day, but not with the same colors that we can see at night. At night you can see them dancing, fighting, making love, whatever it is they are doing, and all in real color, because we have our torches.

You see, in the day, we are looking with our eyes and the light source that we normally have is coming from the sun.  As depth increases the light changes and we lose a lot of the rich reds and especially at great depth, everything can look a little brown and mono color.  At night, we are using torches, which brings out the true color in the flora and fauna that we are looking at.  So those rich reds are visible to us.

On this particular night dive I took my camera out for the first time. Normally I don’t take my camera as wide angle photographs at night don’t work.  However, thanks to Chris and the Octopus Team that bought me a macro lens and a macro port for my underwater housing, I can now take macro photos, which are great at night.  So, below are some of my photos from that first night dive.  Enjoy. I didn’t get as many good one’s as I would have liked, but I learned a whole lot and am looking forward to the next opportunity.

If you would like to do a night dive with us, then just ask.  We do need to get four people together for us to go out on a night dive, so the sooner I know you are interested, the easier it is to get a group together.

(Sally wrote this blog. 🙂 )

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  1. Greg July 3, 2010 at 4:47 am #

    Man I like your description of the night dive experience. I couldn’t agree more. La Deana and I both feel that night dives are the BEST ! Why anyone would not want to do one I cannot understand. I hope things are good with you guys and we are still in that Caribbean state of mind !

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