No, not dolphins, but just as cool!

29 Apr

The other day I was diving at Turtle Reef with Peter doing his advanced open water course.  It was the underwater navigation portion of the course and I had just handed Peter a slate to draw a map of his interpretation of the site and I saw something in the sand.  There was some surge this day, so quite a few peices of seaweed and broken coral swaying back and forth.  In the sand, amongst these swaying seaweed I saw what looked like a little face…

Graceful like you wouldn’t believe, delicate and sweet, it was a two inch seahorse! So AMAZING! There is something surreal about seeing dolphins in the water, swimming with you, their agility with all the flips and turns.  However, seeing a seahorse underwater is a completely different feeling. They are so small and delicate. They look just like coral even to the smallest detail. So intricate and fragile they are truly amazing creatures and Peter and I were just in awe the whole time!

I have been looking since, but haven’t found her again (I don’t actually know if it was a female or male).  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, but I have a very great mental picture, so really it is just sad for you 🙂

It was a Lined SeaHorse and was a pale pink color.  JUST AMAZING!!!

Hope everyone is well, it is a bit more quiet this week, but we are still keeping busy with certifications, divers and snorkelers. And honestly, just enjoying the clear blue waters of the Caribbean!

(sally wrote this blog :))

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