No wind, no wind

23 Apr

It may get a little hot when there is no wind when you are on the island, but when you are out at sea on a diving boat and there is no wind, it is just amazing. First of all we can go really fast in the boat when the seas are like glass, (as they have been the last few days). Secondly, it almost isn’t necessary to dive as you can see right to the bottom the visibility is so great. The last week has just been amazing and it looks to continue on into next week as well, so bring on the heat I say! I don’t mind so much because I know how great it is on the water!

The visibility has been amazing the last few days, so much so that at Creole Rock I felt like I was in a giant aquarium.
I would like to congratulate Hooker Jones and Menno (who I mentioned in the last blog) who are now Rescue Divers! Stuart and Chris put them through a thorough (and extremely rigorous) Rescue Diver course. Including all the normal demonstrations and skills circuit this Rescue course also included various scenarios of Chris and Stu’s creation….For example a new diver that loses his buddy underwater and then panics at the surface, or a diver that uses all his air on his safety stop, panics and ascends to the surface where he is unconscious, or the funniest one was when Stuart pretended to somehow trap his hand on the line when we were coming back in to dock and then hit his head on the boat, topple into the water and stop breathing. We know he was not breathing because he told us “I am not breathing.”

We made sure that the other divers on the boat new what was going on. Here is a photo of the successful candidates. 

They are hoping to complete their divemaster training soon.  Hooker can also be found at the Red Piano, where he performs almost every night.  Although he hails from Wales, he spends about three months a year in Saint Martin working the piano bar circuit.  Since diving with us, he has also become a great friend!

I would also like to say congratulatios to Kyle, Shannon and Rick.  They are from Kansas and just yesterday they all qualified as Open Water Divers.  Kyle is 10 years old, which sometimes is a little young for scuba diving, but Kyle showed great maturity and ability and by the end was doing great! I was their instructor (so of course they had a fabulous time….!) and it really was a pleasure.  Not only because the conditions were awesome, but also because Shannon and Kyle came such a long way from the first dive to the last in terms of bouyancy, good diving skills and confidence! Rick was a natural at first, but Kyle and Shannon really worked hard, overcame some fears and now I am proud that they are Open Water Divers.  Here we are after the certification class.

That is all for now, I am going to take a sneaky afternoon off and relax a little.  I know it sounds like it is all just fun in the sun all the time, but it is hard work too.

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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