Octopussy…Almost There!

08 Nov

Hello everyone. I know that I have been terrible about blogging lately, this is simply because so much has been going on.

I just wanted to update everyone on the new boat. She is almost there. What is holding us back at the moment, is that we decided to change the engines. We had bought second hand engines, but Chris decides that he couldn’t resist those shiny, new 225 Mercury Optimax, so we folded and bought them. Chris is currently installing them as I am writing this, and the boat should be in the water today! Fingers crossed!

I am attaching some photos, so you can see it. Chris has worked so hard to get the boat ready, and taken so much care to make sure that it is comfortable to dive from, to snorkel from, and that it is safe! This means that there were times where we were all dressed up in our diving gear (on the boat in the dry dock) figuring out exactly where the tank rack should go, how we should set it all up, where people can put there fins on, etc. I should have taken photos of that!

My favorite part is the stereo. With the new stereo, you can just plug in your ipod and listen to whatever you want. So, if you are coming to dive with us, just bring your ipod on the boat and we will hook it up.




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