Octopussy in the Water

11 Nov

Well, we are all set with Octopussy, and on Suday she had her maiden voyage. It was awsome. We went with a group of the medical students, there were six of them, so it was a great test as the boat was full.

We went diving at Tintmarre, doing a drift dive at Chico, and then another drift dive at the Tugboat. It was just so comfortable, you couldn’t even feel the waves on the boat, and Eric (who normally gets seasick) wasn’t feeding any fish at all. He felt fine. So that was another test passed. The radio was playing, putting everyone in a fun mood, and it was so easy to get equipped and into the water that we reduced our time getting ready by half.

So we are really excited at how great the new boat is working out.

Also, we had two amazing dives. I had never done a drift at Chico in the direction that I did on Sunday, and it was so beautiful I think I may do this every time. Just really healthy reefs, with beautiful formations, we saw turtles, barracuda and lots of fish.

The second dive was also really great. First of all, the tugboat is always really pretty and with millions of fish around it, but on this particular dive, once we were on the reef, Maggie spotted an Octopus. But this Octopus wasn’t just hanging out in it’s cave, it was moving all around, stretching his tentacles in all the holes of the reef, then he was free swimming, and changing colors over and over and over. We watched it for about 10 minutes (personally, I could have watched it all day).

So, I think that it was a really great omen. The coolest Octopus I have ever seen on the maiden voyage of Octopussy, with Octopus Diving! It doesn’t get much better than that!

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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