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18 Jul

We are so lucky here that we get so many repeat divers. Of course, we are happy because it means that we are doing something right, but also because we develop relationships with people (especially if they are diving with us all week) and then they leave. Which is kind of sad, but then they come back… which is really great! For example, right now Dennis from NY is diving with us. He also came diving with us last year and he and his wife, Lynne, are just so lovely. Lynne doesn’t dive, but she lends us Dennis about 4 times a week so that we can meander our way through the dive sites together while he is taking photos.

I often get emails from people saying “Do you remember us?” Now, sometimes it is difficult with just a name (unless it is an unusual name) but with a photo, or a little bit more information, it always comes back. This was true with the Bolts, who came diving with us last week. Skylar, Chad, Steve and Marcia were diving with us in July 2008, only a month after Chris and I had bought Octopus Diving. So, really, they were some of our first customers. It was a totally memorable week as Chad and Skylar improved on their diving so much. The diving was great, they always brought a big bag of goldfish on the boat, and we had loads of fun. I was excited when Marcia emailed me last month to say that they were coming back. They are a really fun family, and once you meet them, you can’t forget them.

Chad is a little chatter box. He is 14 now and is not shy about asking us, or the other divers on the boat, any kind of question that he can think of. Skylar is 20, studying computer science. Her diving has improved heaps and bounds from that first dive that we did together two years ago. Steve and Marcia had a bit of a shock for me when they arrived this year, as they have lost over 175 lbs combined. That’s like losing a whole adult male! They both dropped BCD sizes and need less weight to dive! It is an amazing accomplishment for both of them, and they just keep going…. I am very proud. Most noticeably, though, is that you tell that the Bolts all really care about each other, and just enjoy being a family and diving together.

Here is a photo of the Bolts two years ago.

And again on this trip in 2010.

The family hadn’t been diving for two years, as Steve had knee issues so last year they had to postpone their dive trip, so it took a couple of dives for the kids to get back into it. I took my camera out on their last day and here are some of my favorite photos. There is Skylar on her safety stop with her hair displaying a life of it’s own….

Then there are Steve and Marcia, Marcia with particularly skinny legs….

I also love this photo, taken in 2008 of Skylar and her dad. Her hair is still up in the air, but much shorter.

Finally there is Chad, who seems to continually take the same pose underwater, like a vertical frog…

Well, we hope to see the Bolt’s again next July, as it was great fun diving with them this past week! As Skylar will attest, I especially liked the GoldFish!!!
(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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