Rick and Danielle’s DSD

29 May

Rick and Danielle’s Discover Scuba.

Sally hasn’t blogged for a while and I thought I should help in the blog department. I know I am not as good as writing as Sally, I tend to write as if I was taking apart a Compressor and putting it back together, slowly methodically placing each piece in it’s place, but still it’s better than nothing.

I had a great afternoon today and thought I should share it with you.

As most of you know I have recently taken course after course, using Rebreathers, Deep Diving for fun and teaching Instructors, but I always feel that its extremely important to teach every level of diving from Divemaster courses, Open Water courses and even sometimes snorkeling!

Why I hear you ask? Well after diving everyday for the past 10 or so years one tends to forget what it’s like to be a student again, or what its like to take on a new challenge underwater which is why I like to continue my dive education and experience new challenges.

So today I went out with our fantastic new Instructor Marcella and we took 3 Discover Scuba Divers (or DSD’s) Danielle, Holly and John and 1 two tank diver, Rick (certified diver).

Rick had dived a few times before and Danielle had taken a quick course in a pool and loved it. So diving in the ocean was the next step. Holly and John had snorkeled before but never breathed underwater so this was a really cool experience for them.

Taking those first steps to get into the water is never easy and the trust you place in your Instructor is incredible and this is why we only take 2 DSD’s (and Open water students) per Instructor to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Marcella did a great briefing, I threw in the usual jokes about finning techniques – no Jane Fonda workouts with you legs or Chicken divers – Flapping your legs like a Chicken otherwise the Turtles laugh at you!

After the briefing and my terrible jokes we got kitted up, safety checked and then got into the water.

We had a great first dive, saw lots of fish, Eagle Rays and the usual Caribbean marine life. After dive 1 we jumped back on the boat, changed equipment and then Danielle and I sat out for the 2nd dive. This part is also great for me, no emails, no planning, no cell phone and Danielle and I had a great conversation for around 45 minutes.

Rick (Danielle’s partner) mentioned that the dive at Turtle Reef was his best ever dive to date and they saw tons of fish, a Turtle and generally had an awesome time. He also mentioned that he read our blogs and loved our website.

John and Holly did a great job underwater and will probably get certified, they are both natural divers and it just shows how our great Discover Scuba diver philosophy works…. small groups, great service, awesome staff, amazing equipment and a relaxing, chilled out experience!

So Rick, this blog is dedicated to you and Danielle. Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon and we look forward to seeing you again in St. Martin really soon, have a safe trip home!

If you are interested in taking your first steps underwater, please visit our website:

Or just email sally@octopusdiving.com for a super fast response!

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