September is hot…

07 Sep

Hurricane Leslie is sitting about 600 miles north of St. Martin at the moment. She is just sitting there, churning, gathering strength, moving just ever so slightly northward, but hardly at all. The great thing is that it is producing weather in St. Martin of absolutely no wind.

This is great for diving! Calm seas, the boat just sitting nicely on the moorings with a slack line. Not so great if you have a huge belly, your temperature is naturally elevated and there is no air conditioning at the dive shop… yeah, that is me right now. I’m sure all mom’s out there can sympathize with me. I know that when I told my good friend Dominic on the island that I was pregnant, she said, “It’s gonna be a hot hot summer.” So, I’ve got one fan on my face and another one at my feet, so this does helps a lot, but isn’t it amazing how the heat can suck all your motivation away?

For some reason, however, I felt compelled to share with you what is going on at the moment, so thanks for providing me with enough motivation to overcome my heat induced drowsiness.

So… what is going on? Chris and I spent a wonderful 3 weeks in New York in August. Obviously we weren’t trying to beat the heat, but for us it was a good time to travel. Normally we take our annual one month break in September, and late last year we had plans of traveling to Indonesia on an exotic, lavish live aboard, diving 5 times a day and feeding each other grapes, but then our future little diver made himself known, and plans changed. So, travel in September was off the cards as apparently you shouldn’t travel after 7 months of pregnancy (I think everyone is afraid of women giving birth in flight!). So, August we went away, September we are here. We had to cancel our exiting scuba diving excursion with friends in Indonesia, and instead we spent August buying baby clothes, swaddling clothes, diapers, cribs, travel systems, car seats, baby rockers, pacifiers (perhaps you don’t need the whole list!). New York is great for that, shopping! The thing is though, when you walk into these giant baby stores and there are soooooo many things to buy, you get the feeling right off the bat that if you aren’t already buying the $100 baby bath spa with the cushioned base and the detachable spout that you are already a bad parent! (We opted out of that option and instead bought a plastic laundry basket on island that will make a great baby bathtub!)

I didn’t organize an event in a bar in NYC this year to see all our divers, so I do apologize for that. We just had a super lazy time, sitting in my parents lovely home and garden, playing with the dogs and scheming and making lists for the upcoming season!

Then, we decided, if we are going to be in St. Martin in September, then why close? Lets stay open and see how many tourists there actually are. There aren’t so many tourists, I have to say. The boulevard outside is almost empty, quite a few restaurants and hotels are closed, but there are added benefits to this. Prices are a lot cheaper. There are deals to be had during St. Martin’s typically quietest month. Traffic is lighter, there are no huge cruise ships in with their large buses causes havoc trying to get around the bendy roads. You don’t need a reservation for dinner. It’s easy to get a taxi. The beaches are empty. Chris and I tool lil’ Rog to the beach the other day and there was absolutely no one there, it was amazing!

Beaches in St. Martin

I like it here (even though the heat is killing me) because it is also a time when owners of establishments make renovations and changes to their businesses. The boats come out of the water for maintenance for example, and next to the dive shop on the main Boulevard a whole new restaurant is opening up. I just spoke to the owner and they are calling it “Le Quinze” which means The Fifteen. (The number of our building is 15 Blvd de Grand Case). They are going to create a little patio on the front and sell breakfast and then in the evening they are taking over the space where Hibiscus (a restaurant that closed about 3 years ago) used to be. They seem like nice people, although they did build this large structure which totally blocks one of our signs, and they didn’t talk to us about it at all before hand… but! nonetheless, we hope they are good neighbors and then there will be somewhere for our divers to get coffee in the mornings (but you still have to make sure that you make it to the boat in time!!!

We are just running one boat this September so that we can alternate which one comes our for maintenance and TLC.

I am coming up with ideas for new things to sell in the shop, new ways to display them, and Chris and I have some other exciting ideas up our sleeves as well. Then, when I am too hot, and I just can’t concentrate at all, I find myself perusing all the cute little things that I can buy for our little one! There are so many.

I should add a thank you as well to all our divers who have sent or brought little gifts for us! We really can’t believe people’s generosity. I should, in fact, dedicate a whole blog to that in itself, but maybe I will wait a little longer so that I can cover any gifts that are still to come. (And NO, that isn’t a hint, so please don’t take it that way!). I will say this though, if you do want to send something, email me first for my US address. We have a PO Box set up in Florida and it’s contents get sent over once a week and this will make shipping costs exorbitantly cheaper for you, and more reliable. Once my Uncle sent a Christmas Wreath and we received it in May! It was all moldy and smelly. I’m sure for 5 months my Uncle was thinking “they never even said thank you for that wreath I sent!”. I did explain to him afterwards!

OK, back to work! I have lots to do!!! The baby just kicked me really hard right in the ribs when I wrote that, he is either saying “No work! Go home and lay on the couch!” or he is saying “Stop procrastinating, mommy! It’s going to be much more difficult to work when I arrive, so get to it right away!” Somehow I don’t think procrastinating is in his vocabulary yet!!!

(Sally wrote this blog, beating the heat and getting kicked from the inside out! 🙂

3 Responses to “September is hot…”

  1. Peter Fischer September 7, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    Up until now, the sex of the baby was keeping me in suspense, but your references to “himself, he & he” has let it out. Maybe ESB ain’t such a bad name…extra special boy!

  2. Greg September 8, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    So, what I’m hearing is….come in September ! I will have to keep that in mind for our next trip there (hopefully next fall !)
    We want to come there the first year both boys can dive (you should take that as a compliment, La Deana and I both feel that you guys are top notch, and believe that our boys first divinig experience needs to be at Octopus). Drew is 10, and Roman is 7, so we are debating on whether or not to let Drew get certified first, or have them both do it together, Drew has already done an abreviated bubblemakers, and he got to play with a scooter…in a pool. We can’t wait to get there and see the “secret sites !”,
    I’ll bet the baby’s name is Jaque ! Am I right ?
    Miss you guys, and we are looking forward to our next trip to St Martin.
    Stay Cool !

  3. Margaret September 10, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    your baby is NOT kicking you for procrastinating! he wants you to go home and put your feet up… RIGHT NOW and until he arrives! 🙂

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