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28 Feb

I have had so much to blog about but not enough time… so I think what I am going to do is just blog about a couple of things one day, and leave the rest for the next day. Otherwise, this entry will end up being too long.

So, what is it that people want to hear most about? Is it all the wreck diver specialty courses we’ve been running? Is it the hundreds of dolphins we saw at Tintamarre today, along with Humpback whales? Is it the fact that Aurelion recently became a Master Scuba Diver Trainer (this is the level above a PADI Instructor)? Is it all the new divers that have been trained through Octopus?

No, I know what you all really want to read about… my 30th birthday, of course!

Well, I recently turned 30 years old. As you can imagine, the last few weeks were filled with trepidation as the day approached. I wasn’t sure how to spend the final days of the third decade of my life, so nature decided for me, and stuck me in bed with the flu for about one week. Luckily, Chris also had the flu, so at least we could suffer at home together. We were blessed that Aure and Stuart are so capable and could look after everything while we were wasting away in our beds. As you can see by all the recent reviews on, they seem to have done an amazing job.

We were also really blessed that Jennifer and Mark, our two divemaster interns could man the shop, answer emails, take phone messages, and occasionally bring us dinner. We really couldn’t have managed without them.

So, a big “Thank You” to Stuart, Aure, Mark and Jenn for letting Chris and I get better so that we could properly celebrate my 30th birthday.

Finally, as my birthday came closer and closer, I was actually looking forward to ending my twenties, as the last two weeks of it was dreadful!

The first day that I was feeling well enough to venture outside happened to coincide with the appearance of my family from the States. My two Uncles came over (Uncle Clyde and Uncle Clay) as well as my Aunty Shari, Cousin Wes, Cousin Katy, and of course… Mom and Dad. I will add some photos in a bit.

They really loved Saint Martin and I found lots of fun stuff for them to do. These included zip lining, visiting the butterfly farm, visiting Fort Louis in Marigot, Deep Sea Fishing, a charter to Tintamarre and of course… scuba diving! We really had a full week. I wasn’t able to participate in everything, but I did manage to host the charter to Tintamarre on my birthday, and also to take everyone scuba diving. So that was great.

On the actual dreaded day that I entered the fourth decade of my life we did some fun snorkeling, and mainly I just enjoyed lying on the beach with my family reading a good book. After all, isn’t that what living in the Caribbean is all about? The weather could have co-operated slightly better, but we all still managed to get sun burned!

In the evening we went for dinner in Grand Case and then to Calmos for some drinks and Lemon Meringue. All in all, it was a relatively painless day, and in fact, looking back on it, it was pretty special.

I mean, how lucky am I? Turning 30 in the Caribbean, with a beautiful husband, a wonderful diving center, two super dive boats, lots of friends, amazing staff, and all of my family around me. I am pretty lucky…

So, for all of you that forgot to wish me a happy birthday, don’t worry, I forgive you! I will be expecting gifts however, as compensation for your forgetfulness 🙂

Let me tell you a bit about the photos below, they were just quickly taken at Tintamarre mostly by me, and my favorite one is of my mom when she is wiping something off of my dad’s face for the photo, and is accidentally giving us the middle finger at the same time! It is super funny. She is going to kill me for putting it up on the internet, but too bad! It’s going on the blog.

I will try and blog again tomorrow about all of the great activities that have been going on here, including some of the things that I mentioned above.

Sally wrote this blog 🙂 A 30 year old Sally!!!

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