French Side

Saint Martin is a treasure of biodiversity, especially below the surface of the water. Looking out at the calm, blue sea, you would have no idea of the life teeming below.

We are lucky to be located on the French Side of the island, with fewer diving centers and more regulations concerning the environment and the nature reserve, the sites on the French side are tremendously prolific.

Our two house reefs (Turtle Reef and Creole Rock) are located in Grand Case Bay, just a 5-minute boat ride from the shop.  Several of our other favorite French side locations are near the small island of Tintamarre (also a protected marine reserve), which is just around the north end of the island. These sites include The Tugboat, Chico. Circus, Basse Espagnole, Little K’s Reef and Japanese Garden. The sites on the east side of Tintamarre are especially interesting because they lie on the meeting point of the giant Atlantic Ocean and the smaller Caribbean Sea.

We also have some great dive sites in the channel between St Martin and Anguilla where the nutrient rich water creates healthy reefs,  strong corals and fish populations. These sites include Chris’s Reef, Fish pot and New Reef and the amazing deep wreck, La Renee.

Many of our sites are within the French Nature Reserve (Reserve Naturelle de Saint Martin). You can check out their site here:

Please explore the descriptions of the different sites on the following pages and enjoy the photos.


Saint Martin Marine Reserve Map