La Renee

La Renee | Wreck Diving | Sint Maartenr

Deep Wreck Diving in St Martin

Location: Between St. Martin and Tintamarre
Access: Boat
Depth: 130 – 140 ft (40 – 45m)
Type: Wreck
Look for: Giant Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Schools of large Horse Eyed Jacks, Barracuda, Sharks

La Renee is a site that we have been diving more and more often. La Renee is an artificial wreck that was scuttled about 10 years ago. She is about 100 foot long and is an old tug. Lying in sand at 140 feet deep, only advanced divers can go, and although the depth limits out no decompression time at this site, it is well worth the short amount of time down there. Photographs show that there is lots of healthy growth on the wreck and that she has also attracted a lot of marine life. The depth also means that visibility is normally fantastic here and on the way up and down the shot line you can encounter lots of barracuda, sharks, large schools of horse eyed jack fish, eagle rays and more. At the bottom in the sand we have seen HUGE turtles, as well and giant stingrays. We use this dive site for our deep diver specialty dives, and we love it!
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