New Reef

French Angel at New Reef

French Angel at New Reef

Location: Between St. Martin and Anguilla
Access: Boat
Depth: 45 – 60 feet (15 – 18 meters)
Type: Reef
Look for: Lobsters, barracuda, giant Spanish Hogfish, exceptional corals, huge French Angelfish, large pillar corals.


New Reef is a recent addition to the sites that Octopus Diving goes to. It was found only in late June 2011 and lies in the channel between Saint Martin and Anguilla. Chris found this reef through some exploration diving, and as far as we are aware, Octopus Diving is the only dive center in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten to dive this site. Since it’s discovery we have put a mooring in, so we don’t have to drop anchor.  New Reef is a long reef which is about 45 feet at its shallowest in the middle, and then slopes down to about 60 feet at it’s deepest. It is covered by amazingly healthy corals, exceptionally large fish, huge schools of snapper and also lots of lobsters. This site appears to be untouched, and the fish here even look at divers as if to say “what the heck are you?” It is a great dive and only minutes away from Grand Case.


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