The Tugboat

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Wreck Diving in St Martin

Location: Tintamarre (off the French Side)
Access: Boat
Depth: 45 feet (14 meters)
Type: Wreck
Look for: Stingrays and spotted eagle rays.

The Tugboat is located on the northern side of Tintamarre. Here there is a 50 foot Tugboat that was intentionally sunk about 15 years ago. It lies upright, making for fantastic photos, and is in about 45 foot of sand. Surrounding the Tug are beds of eel grass that sometimes have eagle rays and sting rays hunting for food. The Tug has become covered in coral over the years and always has tons of fish around it. In January, February and March it has been known to see Dolphins here, as they like the northern side of Tintamarre to hang out. About 100 feet away from the wreck there is a beautiful reef with a small wall that comes up from the sand at 45 feet to about 20 feet. We see all sorts of marine life here, and the coolest thing that I ever saw here, was a free swimming Octopus. We watched it for 15 minutes!
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