St. Martin Shipwrecks that Make Great Diving Sites

22 Aug

St. Martin is one of the best spots in the Caribbean to learn to scuba dive, as it offers a huge variety of diving spots under 60 feet/18 meters deep. Book a tour today with Octopus Diving, and explore some the most exciting shipwrecks, beautiful landscapes, and rich marine life available in the Caribbean. Here are the top 4 shipwrecks you need to explore on your diving adventures in St. Martin.

The Proselyte

The HMS Proselyte was built in 1770 in the Netherlands. It crashed into a reef on the Dutch side of St. Martin in 1801, while it was crewed by the British. Very little of the ship is now distinguishable from the reef that it crashed into, but it’s gigantic anchors and cannons can be spotted in the beautiful underwater landscape, covered in coral and surrounded by diverse marine life. You can expect to see reef sharks, barracuda, angelfish, and sometimes even octopus. The proselyte is one of the oldest wrecks on St. Martin and offers one of the most exciting diving experiences in the Caribbean, so don’t miss out.

The Bridge

The Bridge a unique diving spot on St. Martin, perhaps even the Atlantic. Located on the dutch side of the Island, this wreck is the remains of the old Simpson Bay Bridge, which has attracted a massive variety of Marine life. Years ago, diving centers across the island got together and scuttled three other smaller sailing vessels. These wrecks have attracted a lot of life as well, including lobsters and stingrays. This diving spot is really four sites in one, and exploring one after the other is a truly unique Caribbean adventure.

The Tugboat

The Tugboat is located on the northern side of Tintamarre, lying upright, sunk intentionally around 15 years ago. At 45 feet/14 meters deep, this coral covered wreck is the perfect Caribbean adventure for divers of all experience levels. Eagle rays can be spotted hunting for food in eelgrass surrounding the wreck. The boat is also constantly surrounded by a wide variety of marine life. A beautiful reef lies just a short distance away from the wreck, with another even more marine life to explore. Don’t miss out on this unique St. Martin diving spot.

La Renee

La Renee is the perfect St. Martin adventure for more experienced divers, featuring a heavy coating of healthy growth and a unique array of marine life. Le Renee, like the Tugboat, has been intentionally sunk at a depth that offers great visibility, allowing you to easily explore the wreck’s unique assortment of marine life. Some of the species you can expect to encounter include sharks, barracuda, eagle rays, large schools of horse eyed jack fish, sea turtles, and giant stingrays. Don’t miss out on one of St. Martin’s greatest advanced diving spots.

Don’t miss out on the incredible shipwrecks surrounding St. Martin. Call (914) 595-6450 today, and book a diving tour to one of the unique spots in the Caribbean.