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16 May

I have loads of work to do concerning the accounting side of running a diving center. I need to enter all the receipts and payments for last months, calculate our spending and our budget for next month just to mention a few things. However, I find this all really boring, so instead I decided to blog and speak to my valued blog followers!

What should I write about? Well, I haven’t written about the students that we have been diving with lately, and believe me, there have been a lot. Have I told you already that we have already surpassed in 2010 the number of students we certified in the whole of 2009? Well, I just did. We really seem to be doing a lot of certifications, and it is wonderful.

We have certified not only the entry level Open Water students, but also had lots of Advanced Open Water students, quite a few Rescue Divers and also we have two divemaster interns with us at the moment and expect one more shortly. We have also taught loads of specailties; Underwater Photography and also Wreck Specialty. In a few weeks we have a Deep Diver Specialty course happening, and we hope also to have Nitrox soon so we can do Nitrox certifications as well!

We are hoping to become a PADI 5 star center soon. We have enough certifications to qualify, we just need to organize a beach clean up and also complete the application.

Anyway… this only a short blog to say congrats to all our students. I will put their mugshot photos up below! Not all of them loaded as there were so many, so please don’t feel bad if your photo isn’t up. We all are really proud of all our students, keep up the good work and dive safe!!!

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