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21 Nov

Wow… I can’t believe that it is almost Thanksgiving! Time has gone by so fast, it feels like we have just came back from our 2 weeks in NY, but that was almost 6 weeks ago now. To think of it, I haven’t had a day off since then. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink my career choice.

Thought about – still happy! Even 45 days without a day off rules, when you live in the Caribbean, get to go diving everyday, get to meet great people like yourselves, and work with your husband every day. Sure, I sleep well everynight, but it is worth it. Besides, I am taking tomorrow off, so I am breaking the working run. Guess what we are doing on our day off… guess… go on… guess… that is correct, we are going diving! People often think that we would do anything else on our day off, but we love diving! We are going to try and find some dive sites around Anguilla so that we can start to offer diving over there. In the new boat, it only takes about 8 minutes, so it isn’t far at all, and there is supposed to be some great diving over there. But don’t worry mom and dad, I am going to take a proper day off soon to relax, get some rest, most likely when you are here in December!
I am always impressed at the secret followers of this blog. Talking to customers, they seem to know things about us that aren’t common, and then I say “do you read our blog?” And they reply “yup.” You see, I only know of 17 people who are actually following the blog on blogger.com, so when I write this blog it gets sent to them in an email, and that is who I feel I am writing to when I blog. I must admit, that out of the 17, about 10 are family (one is actually me…!) so perhaps I am slightly more relaxed when writing the blog than I should be.

Anyhow, that is what blogging is all about, isn’t it?

I should talk about something you are interested in, like diving, our boats, our staff, etc. Well, the diving has been really great lately, and there seem to be lot’s of octopodes about at the moment. They stay in the same little cave for about 2 weeks, so if I can find one, or two, or three, then I can usually keep finding those same octopodes for awhile. A good thing to look out for are lots of empty shells near a rock, these are the remains of dinner, and also provide cover for the octopus inside the hole. We also had a dolphin encounter the other day, which was awesome. Awesome for Chris, Aure and the divers. I was in the office… ho hum!

We have also been seeing lots of small things lately that we haven’t before. Perhaps we are just looking more closely, or perhaps there are just more. We’ve seen an increase in nudibranchs lately, and also of different types of shrimp. I noticed a Sun Anemone Shrimp the other day, as well as a Golden Coral Shrimp, and I had never seen these before. I can thank Allan for this, as he was a bit nervous we went really really slow, and this allowed me to find all the cool little stuff.

Here are some photos. The first is of the golden coral shrimp, which I got from the internet, it isn’t my photo.

golden coral shrimp

The second is the sun anemone shrimp and I got the photo from this website.


I have also been noticing a lot of really beautiful anemones lately. Like the elegant anemone and the bearded anemone. (Does anyone actually pronounce that word correctly? In my head I can’t stop saying anenome, switching the “n” and the “m”.) They are so pretty, like underwater flowers, and if you look well, you can see a whole new ecosystem in one anemone. There are always little Hairy Crabs behind the Giant Anemones.

Alright, I better stop the silence and fill some tanks. I will try and blog on Thanksgiving, like I did last year, listing what we are thankful for, but I will wait until Thursday. It is this Thursday, isn’t it? One year I almost celebrated on the wrong week, (I was in England at the time where they don’t really care about Thanksgiving), but luckily my mom set me straight before I defrosted the turkey…. thanks mom.

Until then, think of Chris and me tomorrow on our day off! (Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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