Underwater proposal!!!

14 May

Well, we have had our second underwater proposal here at Octopus Diving. I didn’t blog about the first one, which was last year, because… well… it didn’t go so well. When asked to tick a box for “yes” or “no” the girlfriend took the pencil and wrote on the slate “maybe.” It was a little uncomfortable on the boat after that failed proposal.

But not this time…! Chrisine contacted me months ago asking for information about doing her open water course and then proposing to her girlfriend under the water. Wait, no, the story goes back further than that. Christine and Lindsay came into the diving shop last year and wanted to reserve a spot for snorkeling. Unfortunately, we were full at the time, so they weren’t able to, but Chris spoke them for awhile and explained how easy it is to get certified to Scuba Dive. They didn’t have enough time left on that vacation to do the course, but they did contact me a few months after that and set up a scuba certification course for May 2010.

Then a few months after that Christine emailed me asking about proposing to her Lindsay under the water. It was really cute because she was afraid it might be dangerous. I said that it was a great idea and I would make sure to have my camera ready. We decided that Christine should propose on a fun dive after they were already certified. So that is what we did. We laminated some a piece of paper that was then hidden during the dive so taht we could point to it and Lindsay would see it, pick it up and read it? It said something soppy and loving… and then when she turned around Christine would be holding up a sign that said “Will you marry me?” and then hold up two laminated pieces of paper that said “yes” and “no”. I asked Christine if she had rings, but she said no, they were going to choose those later, but that she did have special necklaces that she was going to put on Lindsay instead of a ring.

Well, everything went according to plan, except that Christine totally forgot about the necklaces. But it was fantastic. I photographed the whole thing, so please enjoy the photos below that also have some of our other divers in them as well. There is the famous Peter, who perhaps deserves a blog all to himself, and then also there was Cindy who has dived with us 6 times in the last week. This “proposal” dive was also the first dive that Cindy took after breaking her leg on a dive boat 2 years ago! So congratulations Cindy on getting back in there!

We are going out to celebrate with Christine and Lindsay tonight, which should be really fun.
So a warm congratulations to Lindsay and Christine.

(sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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