We’re not in Kansas Anymore!!!

12 Oct

Well, as some of you may know, Chris and I are taking advantage of the low season to take a little break from Saint Martin, do some routine maintenance on the boats, compressors, etc and are currently on vacation in the great US of A. We (Stuart, Chris and I) all needed some time to let our bodies recuperate from a busy 2009 – 2010 season, so that is what we are doing. As I am writing this Chris and I are staying in Flagstaff, Arizona in a Hotel called “Little America.” Our plan was to blog everyday on our vacation, as although we want to be able to share with you all the great diving that we are doing… well, we can’t do that as we aren’t diving! So, we thought that the next best thing we could do is share what we like to do on our vacation time!

Stuart is in the wonderful NYC at the moment with Jen and Mark. He is staying in Brooklyn but going into Manhattan and exploring all the amazing things that New York has to offer. After spending almost every day with Stuart for the last 10 months, it is good to spend some time apart, but to be honest, we are missing him a little bit. Just a little, just maybe his laugh but definitely not his smart remarks about me being vertically challenged!

So, I am a day behind, but I will try and catch up.
Firstly, we flew to NY to meet my parents and then spend the night at their house in Westchester, New York. It was light when we arrived, and pleasantly warm. I was afraid that the cold would hit us like a brick when stepping out of the airport (like it normally does) but it was a nice crisp temperature. My dad met us, and after the quick hugs and kisses we set off home from JFK. After a quick dinner and then an early night we headed to Westchester airport to fly to Pheonix Arizona (via O’Hare in Chicago) very early the next morning.

After the first leg of the flight we had some breakfast in O’Hare airport. This airport is huge, HUGE. But easy to navigate. Here is a picture of my parents and then Chris and I as we had breakfast in the airport.

We then had a sleepy flight to Phoenix, Arizona where we met up with my parents friends Bob and Marg. Bob and Marg are from Australia, and have been friends with my parents since the 70s when my dad was a professor at a University in Oz. My sister is named after Marg… Then we headed to the hotel, dropped our stuff off and then headed out to the Hearst Museum in Phoenix. This museum is filled with all this amazing art and information on the Native American’s that lived and live in the SouthWest. We got there kind of late and as we had all separated inside, we met in the garden… well, all except my mom. The museum closed at 5 PM and my mom didn’t make it out until 5:15! As she finally made it out the doors, she explained that she was lost inside! This is typical of my mom, she even got lost on the airplane (but don’t tell her I told you that!). Here is a photo of her when she finally escaped.

Now, it was finally time to eat! We found, just for Chris, this old English Pub, Restaurant type place so we went in (it was actually my mom’s idea). Here is a picture going in…

As we walked in we noticed that there was a post on the front of the place that said they didn’t have a liquor license. We got really worried…

We went in anyway…

Inside, it was all English decor, which is fun as we were with my mom (British) and my husband (British). Chris was able to drink a Fullers ESB, which happens to be his all time favorite British Ale! And although we were suspect on the way in, we actually had a great night. Chris beat me 3 times at pool, but I will get him next time!!!

So, that leaves us in Phoenix for the night, and as I explained earlier we are in Flagstaff. So I am a day behind, but I will fill you all in tomorrow of what we did today. But there is just too much to write about.
Don’t worry, I am still online (obviously) and answering all emails, so if you need anything, don’t worry, just ask. So, off to bed now. It is only 10:30, but it is 3 hours ahead of St. Martin, so it feels a lot later! So, stay tuned for more info!
(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

5 Responses to “We’re not in Kansas Anymore!!!”

  1. Lloy October 12, 2010 at 3:00 am #

    You are very close to Las Vegas, are you heading this way at all?

    • Sally October 12, 2010 at 10:01 am #

      Hey Lloy, no, we’re not heading to Las Vegas… but are you back in Saint Martin soon. love and kisses, Sally and Chris

  2. Greg October 12, 2010 at 5:22 am #

    Hey Guys,
    Not that it is really on your route, but let us know if you get near Olahoma and we
    ‘l have you out for dinner ! My brother is is Pheonix, AZ so if you need anything let me know and I’ll get you in touch with him.
    We are having a hayride on the 24th, come on out and we’ll treat you to some smores !!!!

    • Sally October 12, 2010 at 10:00 am #

      I don’t think that we are headed that way, my mom has us on a pretty tight schedule, but thanks for the offer, it sounds totally awesome. We saw on the weather you had some bad thunderstorms near Oklahoma city, I hope you’re all okay. See you soon, I hope, love and kisses, Sally and Chris

  3. Lloy October 27, 2010 at 12:32 am #

    I am back in SXM now and will be here when you get back. Already checked with Stuart for your return date. My boys will be here and was hoping to get a dive in. Talk to you soon. Travel safe and have fun.

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