Whales for Aure’s Birthday!

04 Apr

Well, I suppose that yesterday was Aure’s birthday and the whales were around today, but I still like to think that the whales came to sing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the water.

Firstly, let me tell you about Aure’s birthday. It was a really fun night and we all dressed up like Pirates (of course, as Aure is our own pirate). Aure’s parents are visiting from France, so Stuart, Chris, Aure and his parents all went to Jenn and Mark for some tasty food, champagne and good times.  Aure made his grandmothers special cake recipe and we even had some of our favorite divers turn up to help us celebrate.  Anna, Jen and Ben (recently Advanced Open Water and Wreck Diver specialists) showed up for cake (they weren’t dressed up, but we let them come in anyway!). It was loads of fun and we were especially happy that Stuart and Aure made it to work on time this morning, even though they went to bed pretty late.


Then today, after some nice dives in the morning, there were whales breaching in between Anse Marcel and Anguilla.  Apparently Aure saw this huge splash in the water and thought that really strange, and then all of a sudden a second whale breached the surface jumping out of the water.  There were two humpback whales.  Jean Claude and his family (all doing first time dives) and Carol and Oliver (also diving for the first time) were all really excited when they got back. It wasn’t difficult for us to convince them to get their full certification while they are here in Saint Martin! Thanks to the Whales!

In other interesting news, I am back from NY.  I decided that although I love my family, NY is cold, and they can visit me in the Caribbean. It was a really nice trip though, but I am glad to be back and in the water again.

Since being back I have had some really nice dives.  I seem to be having really great luck lately finding nudibranches at Creole Rock.  I also found a rare type of flamingo tongue at Chris’s Reef.

Anyway, this is just a quick blog to say Happy Birthday to Aure and let all you nice folks know about the whales.

Oh yeah, Happy Easter and Passover!

(Sally wrote this blog :))

One Response to “Whales for Aure’s Birthday!”

  1. aure April 5, 2010 at 10:23 pm #

    thank you Sally, and Thank you the Whales!!!

    And they came back today afternoon : Mum & Baby, Jumping again in the Air!


    And also 4 dolphins right after on the diving spot… but what ever! 😉

    That’s a pretty good start in the 28 years old!

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