Why do I have a bucket on my head?

16 Aug

Chris just pointed out to me – I am at home now and I just posted the blog that I wrote this morning while the internet was down (it is back up, obviously) – that I should probably explain why there is a photo of me with a bucket on my head.  Well… Rich Stevenson and I have an underwater self portrait photo competition going at the moment.

The competition has certain parameters, you have to take a picture of yourself on a safety stop without help from anyone else.  This particular week I took a photo of myself doing a safety stop in a “habitat.” You see, while Richie was here he told us about some decompression diving that they did in caves in Florida (or maybe somewhere else, I can’t remember) and they created these “habitats” underwater.  Essentially these are large bins that are turned upside down and then filled with air so that divers can go inside them and just have their face in some air, maybe take their mask off and just have a moment to relax. So my self portrait shows myself on a deco stop, in a “habitat.”  Although, I’m sure that the habitats that Rich used were more than just upturned buckets! So, that should explain it.

(sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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