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13 Oct

After writing this blog I decided to go back to the beginning and give you a short prologue… this blog is wordy to begin with, but then there are lots of photos, So hang in there!
Chris and I love Saint Martin, but after being on the island for long stints of time it is really nice to get off the rock (as we say). When people ask me what I miss about the states the most my reply changes. Sometimes I say it is the way that in the states people actually respect time schedules, or maybe it I will say that I miss being cold and snuggling up next to an open fire place, but more often than not I will say that I miss driving for an hour and not ending up in the same place! In Saint Martin if I drive for an hour I am either stuck in traffic and not moving at all, or I have just done a full circle and ended up back in Grand Case. Well, if that is what I was looking for then we have certainly achieved that in Arizona.

It is truly beautiful here, and we haven’t even gotten to the Grand Canyon yet! I am so excited. However, just looking out he car window, seeing the hills and mountains in the distance with all the funny looking cacti sticking up between us and them, it is almost over stimulus for my eyes and my brain.

So, I should start on day two. To be honest, It is just day three now. I have woken up early and can’t get back to sleep. Chris is still a log (he can sleep for champions) but I am drinking the hotel coffee in the room and filling all you good folks in on yesterday’s events, they are pretty funny, so stay tuned! If you are new to the blog and looking for some fun diving anecdotes, skip back a few entries. In fact, writing that makes me think that perhaps you don’t all need a running commentary on our southwest adventures? I mean, I can always justify writing my blog as a way of keeping my parents up to date on my Saint Martin life, but I am traveling with them at the moment… oh well, I can’t get out of practice? Right? (That sounds pretty poor)

Anyway… we woke up on day 2 pretty early, as we are 3 hours ahead of Saint Martin in Phoenix. We went down to breakfast and of course Chris and I were the last to arrive. We didn’t really take advantage of the breakfast that was included in the price of the room. (Chris and I aren’t really breakfast people). But not to worry, my mom did. My mom has planned this whole vacation to the T. There is no deviating from the plan. And that is something that Chris and I are thoroughly enjoying… not having to make any decisions or plans in the slightest. So, my moms plan yesterday was to have a picnic after visiting a state park. So, while we were nursing our coffees my mom was shoving food into her bag for the packed lunch. For example, 6 bagels, 6 oranges, 6 boiled eggs, some cream cheese and some butter. Her justification (which I totally agree with) was that we could have eaten a bagel, an egg, an orange and some cream cheese for breakfast, so really, why couldn’t we take it for lunch? We all made fun of her, which made it much more entertaining, but the funniest thing was when these two ladies came down for some breakfast and there was basically nothing left. We had wiped it clean! I did show them how to make a waffle, we left the waffle machine and batter, couldn’t really fit that in mom’s bag. (By the way, she would probably be mad at me if she knew that I wrote this, so please don’t tell her.)

Then we bundled into the mini van and I captured this brilliant photo of Chris…

Then we headed to Fort Verde State Historic Park, one of the oldest and most well preserved forts in Arizona.

It was fun walking around and just imagining what life was like back then. Chris was excited when he found that I was actually in the museum…

This is due to his pet name for me… his “ball and chain.”

I got excited when I saw this water fountain, I haven’t drunk from one of these in ages, and I just love that it is there! I mean, water, just flowing, for all to enjoy! We don’t get these in Saint Martin…

Then we walked around a bit, trying to capture the whole experience…

Chris found an old excavator that wasn’t even part of the fort that was the highlight for him.

Dad broke into the building somehow and when I looked behind the glass into the soldiers quarters, expecting to see old guns and horrible itchy blankets, all of a sudden I saw my dad!
He got kicked out just after! Chris made friends with a man from Arizona who has never been to Saint Martin, but may visit now. He snapped this photo of us, where I am the same height as Chris!

Then it was time to head off in the mini van to our next destination. Now, I will spare a second here to explain that we have two navigators on this trip, there is the GPS and then there is my mom. Now, sometimes the two navigators fight amongst themselves. Normally my mom wins, and sometimes what she likes to do is shout out the directions before the GPS says anything…”Alright, she’s going to tell you to turn left and then immediately turn right.” And then the GPS does just that and she says “See.” All with a triumphant smile.

We then went to visit the Montezuma Castle. This an amazing structure, built in the 1100’s by the Pueblo people, cuts into the limestone cliffs high above Beaver Creek. The castle is so high, you can’t imagine climbing up and down everyday just to maintain everyday life! We strolled along and I took photos on the way. Here is the castle below…

Chris and I by the castle, You may notice that I am on my tippy toes (in order to make myself look taller compared to Chris, but Chris also went on his tippy toes just to sabotage my plans!!!).

We stopped to eat the lunch that my mom stole that morning (I mean that she rightfully took because we didn’t eat enough at breakfast). My mom had all the gear, plates, glasses, even a table cloth, and even though we made fun of her that morning, and later that day, and today probably… we all enjoyed it!

Talk during lunch was entertaining. My mom explained how amazing it was that every single man on the earth had a dad that didn’t die before he was born! After we all peed in our pants laughing at the most ridiculous statement in the world, I took a photo of mom trying to explain herself further…. To be fair she was making an interesting point while we were talking about survivors of the first and second world wars, but still!

After a funny lunch we went to the Montezuma well (this is a natural well formed when a limestone cave collapsed and it has a natural underwater source of warm carbon dioxide rich water), where we took some nice photos. Photo one is of the well, and photos 2 and 3 are my parents just being themselves.

Alright, I realize that I have truly exhausted your patience with all these anecdotes. We are in the Grand Canyon over the next 3 days, so I’m not sure how often I will be able to blog, but thanks for reading, hope it was of some entertainment value, I know that I have fun sharing.

Speak soon
(Sally wrote this blog. 🙂 )

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